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My Early Models


As I'm currently working on a Thunderbird 3 model I remembered I had some photos lying around somewhere of my first attempt at this vehicle. After rummaging about I came a few photos that might be of interest.
I started my modelling while still at school in the very early 70's and I did all my work in my parents attic in Edinburgh, in fact it was the attic that let me have the space to do all my work and I probably would never have started if it wasn't for that cold/hot attic.
As you can see I'm working on the first small TB3 on my small work bench though I did have some other models I'd done before. The entire TB1 Launchpad was built so I could film it in action on 8mm (I still have the film)
I must add that all these models were not very accurate as my skills and materials were in short supply, plus info on any subject was somewhat limited in those days long before the internet etc.
Sorry about foisting these photos onto you but I thought it might be of interest, it certainly brings back memories to me.


  • DSCF5477.JPG
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Slate Mcleod

Great images Malcolm, thanks for sharing! I'd love to see that 8mm movie you have, if ever its possible to get it digitised.


Mighty oaks from little acorns grow, you know. ;) And I'm with Slate, about your TB1 film; sounds like it'd be very interesting to see here! Keep us posted... :pics: