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My first Eagle

I purchased the basic kit from Round 2. The next step is putting the decals, and paint on it. It is certainly not too much compared to what the rest of you have done, but we will see what it looks like when I'm finished. I was just wondering if anyone purchased the replacement nosecone from Warp, and whether anyone thinks it's really worth it to purchase the nosecone. If so, how is it possible to remove the old nosecone, if I would like to replace it with a new one?

I was thinking about uploading a photograph, but I have no idea how to do it. The photograph is on my computer, and not on the Internet.
Eagle the first.....

Michael, delighted to hear you got your hands on an Eagle. If it's whetted your appetite for more, then welcome to a world of long evenings at the kitchen table, cut fingers and agonising over the best way to add more detail to that delicate component. I'm sure you'll work out how to post your pictures - looking forward to seeing the finished article when you do.

You can never have too many Eagles.....

Kindest regards

WOOT! You're first Eagle. You got good taste :clap:

Thank you for your reply. I noticed that Fab Gear is selling a new decal set. Do you think it is worth buying it?

I think you meant, "selling a new photoetch"?? (not decals)??
The news decals in the box are much improvement over the older ones.

Some new add-ons may improve the look a little but if you're going to add a new CM, new photoetch may as well buy the more accurate Warp Eagle kit. ($20 kit, $25 CM, $30 photoetch...etc and individual shipping costs). It can add up.

It can become expensive as well as drive you NUTs trying to modify it depending what you want your end result. Some modellers have spent many hours trying to make a 12 look like a 44 studio - and that's a lot of work:cry:

Warp did post on this forum that they were making some bits available as an upgrade and it sounds promising for those who want to do some modifications.

I have 2 kits and I intend to build one as is...out of the box with no modifications to it whatsoever. But, the other one I'm gonna hack/slash rip apart and probably start much of it from scratch and buy upgrade kits to make it look like a 44 studio...Don't ask when that will be as I still have two 44's to finish and a whole list of other things....

As for posting pics, I use photobucket. You upload your pics and then select the 'insert image' link (at the top of a message box when you compose) and then insert the link to the photo...There used to be a sticky in the Commanders Office.

Hope to see pics soon and good luck on your build.
I don't know much about this at this point

I don't even know what a photoetch is. I think that is the source of my confusion. I don't know the difference between a photoetch, and decals. Thank you for your reply. I'm not sure about Warp kit. It sounds like it might be beyond my skill level at the moment. How does one go about modifying a plastic model? I don't know how one would do that without melting plastic.

You have a 44 inch Eagle? I can't even imagine how much time that took you to build. Do you make the parts for it yourself? Did you need to buy special tools just to be able to make it? I don't even know if I have enough space to build one that big. Where do you store your Eagles? How many Eagles do you have so far?
First off, don't feel you HAVE to modify the kit just because others have.
It's your hobby and you do it as you like. It's you time, money and accuracy you want to invest.

Should you proceed with making changes to your Eagle, take some time to research this site as there are many who have done the same. You will see pics of their builds from start to finish and how they went about which will only help you on your endeavour.

Here are some:

Decals are normally provided with a model kit. If you purchased the Round2 Eagle, inside the box you will find a
(blue) sheet of (water) decals. The decals
are cut out from the sheet and soaked in water for 5 to 10 secs and applied once the model fully finished and

Photetch is an add-on accessory that is not provided in model kits.
It 'sometimes' provides additional or more accurate detail than on some of the plastic kit parts.

Photoetch is a little more work than decals as the (paper thin metal) photech sometimes needs to be bent into
shape, painted and glued.
A problem with painting

Thanks for your reply. I'm having a problem with the painting. No matter how much paint I put on the plastic, it just seems to run right off. The paint is very watery. Does a base coat of paint need to be applied to the model before the paint will stay on the plastic? Do you have any suggestions about the painting process?
I'm not sure of the type of paint you are using but it sounds like it's a very watered down paint.

If it's waterbased and hasn't set, I'd remove it and start again and use rattle can/spray paints you can find at the hobby store or even local hardware.

Since the model is in white plastic, you should use a white primer and a while paint. You really need just a very light coat of each with sufficient drying time between them. Primer typically helps paint adhere to plastic models.

Good luck with the painting and hope you post some pics in your next post so we can see how you're coming along.
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Jbot has Eagle decals, they look nice on the photo of the eagle on his site. Down side is there is a 20 dollar minimum on an order. I too am searching the web for a decal sheet as the ones on my old model have been removed by the paint stripper. and I hesitate to buy 20 dollars worth of decals when I only have one Eagle. will just have to keep searching.
My problem with the decals

That is similar to the problem that I'm facing right now. I think I probably might have to spray paint mine with a base coat so that the paint will properly adhere to the plastic. The problem is that I already put the decals on the model, so I can't figure out how to spray paint it, and still have the decals showing. Tomorrow if I have time, I will go to my local hobby store, and discuss the problem with the guy there. Right now the paint I'm using is much too watery, and is just not sticking to the model.

However, the paint that is on there is already set and dried, so I'm not sure how I'm going to get the paint off, without risking the model coming unglued. If I ever do this again, next time, I will definitely paint the model first, and then put the decals on after all the painting is finished. That's what I should've done to begin with, but now I'm kind of stuck with the situation I have.


I stripped the paint and decals off my model with purple power. it is available at wal.mart and it cleaned the model down to bare plastic, but it did remove all the putty also so I have to re do all the putty on everything. you just soak the parts about a day. in a plastic food bowl with a lid. as the fumes can be bad. then scrub whats left of the paint with an old tooth brush under running water and the model is bare plastic again least it was on my old model. I had taken my model apart for the rebuild so I don't know if it would effect your glue? I used plastic weld cement on the new recessed parts and they did not come apart.
Decals for the model

Thanks for your reply! Today I went to my local hobby shop, and got the primer paint, and something to take the old paint off. My only problem now is that I will probably lose a lot of my decals in the process. Does anyone know where I can get another set of decals? Sorry, I just now realized that you already answered this question, but I can't figure out how to delete this post.
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There were a few times where I either ruined decals or they were too old and broke when trying to apply. I've always been successful contacting the company and they replaced them for several dollars. Just go to Round2 contact page at:

and tell them you'd like to purchase a replacement decal sheet.

Better yet, send them an email
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Richard is right on contacting Round 2. though these decals could even be more than jbot's. I like you am also searching around for new decals for my Eagle. I have only found jbot's and a set that is peel and stick instead of water slide. I prefer the water slide style, but there is a 20 dollar minimum on orders with jbot so I am still looking around to see what is available. with round 2 reissuing the kit. perhaps jt graphics will do a set for them? Lets just keep our fingers crossed we find something when were ready for them.


Just reading through and going back to paint not sticking a couple of thoughts.

Many molded parts still have a mold release agent sticking to them. So my first job with any kit is to wash all the parts in detergent such as washing up liquid, rinse them and dry them.

I then prime everything before starting the build. Sometimes you have to scrape away a bit of this primer for the glued surfaces (not often as they are usually facing down and don't get paint) but it's much easier to get an even coat on the parts before they are assembled.

I then assemble as sub-assemblies. Once a sub-assembly is built, I then put on the final primer coats, rub back then the top coat of paint and decals (stickers). Then I'll use ether a clear furniture polish or spray lacquer over the decals to keep them in place, depends on whether I want a gloss, satin or matt finish what I will use.. Then I'll assemble the sub-assemblies into the final model.

Hope that helps, just a few tips I've picked up down the years.
The best bet for decals as mentioned would be first to email Round2 for a replacement. That would be the best and cheapest method.

There's also a seller who sells decals on Ebay. They're not exactly like the kit decals but would do fine although they don't have the black Pod (triangle shapes) nor the PP doors, just to name a few but one should easily work around that. For $6.99 and $2, shipping - you can't beat it and they look quite good. I just noticed he also sells a different sheet for a few dollars more: Here's the auction :


I've used jbot's decals many times in the past and he has also made custom decals for me. I'm not sure how his 12" Eagle decals compare, but as mentioned, it's a $20 min order.

Best of luck with the decals and hope to see some pics of your repainted Eagle soon 1 :)
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What is the purpose of phototch?

Okay, thank you! I sent an email message to them. I have another question about the phototch. I'm not even sure what they are. If they are not decals, where do they go on the model? It's hard to imagine how they would improve the look of the model, as they appear to be gold in color, and I've never seen any pictures of shiny gold parts on an Eagle. Do many people purchase phototch for their models?


photoetch is a way making tiny little detail parts.It's a very thin sheet of metal with tiny bits formed in it. You cut them out, shape them, stick them to the model, and paint them. The point is they can be better detailed than injection molded plastic. They can turn a kit from average to stunning, but they are a lot of work.

Article here:


PS, a lot of people spend at least twice as much on things like Photoetch and replacement resin parts than they do on a kit. I would advise doing what you feel you want to.
No pics yet? I hope you will post some soon to see how you're coming along.

Photoetch is just another part you put on your kit BEFORE you paint it and some photoetch parts will need to be painted and applied later to the completed model.

It's a very thin yellow metal and it usually covers or replaces a part and most times making it more accurate (but not always).

If a model is innacurate to begin with, photoech will not help much. And inaccurate photetch on an innacurate kit does help any better.