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My Hasbro Falcon


Well here are the finished photos as promised, unfortunately they were just taken on my drive so no fancy backgrounds like some models are shown against, though it would be nice to add some sort of star background.

This project was always going to be a quick conversion and not an entirely accurate version of the ship we all love. For all its faults I have to admit it turned out better than I imagined. Its not studio scale but it is 28" long and that alone makes it look better.
Its fitted onto a metal pole which slots into an mdf base and sits at an angle.
Thanks for those who looked in.

all the best


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Here's some more.


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Falcon Quest......

Well done Malcolm - thanks for the insight into the hurdles presented by the type of plastic used for construction, and how you overcame them. The very fact that you ended up with such a great looking Falcon for, frankly, not a lot of money says a lot about your modelling skills. The use of the ladders for the engine is inspired.

Particularly like the second and third pictures in the second batch - the "head on" shot looks tremendous. Congratulations again on a great conversion,

Kindest regards


"Go strap yourselves in - I'm going to make the jump to light speed!"


Hi Patrick
You are far too kind. This is the first non Anderson project I've attempted for many years and I think the next one will also be from a non Anderson prgramme.
I learnt some things my self concerning this plastic which I wish I could have utilised when working on the Jason Smith truck.
I'm currently completely stripping out the living room as the other half decided she wanted something different ( I suggested wallpaper with circles on it but that didn't go down too well) once thats finished its of to Cardiff for the Dr Who Experience yet again.
Hopefully when all this is done I can get down to modelling again, I have a couple of projects that I might do but going by past experience I'll probably change my mind at the last minute.