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My Larger DW props


I don't take many pictures of my larger DW props because it is hard to find good settings for them. I've put together some compilations of images of my Dalek Sec and K9 replicas taken from various exhibitions and fundraising events that they have been to (K9 also got to meet John Leeson!).


Slate Mcleod

Brilliant pics Kevin ! Here is the movie Dalek I made about 16 years ago !!



Thank you. Yep, that's John Leeson. He was signing autographs for charity and my K9 was his prop for the day!


Forum Supporter
Superb, you cant beat a dalek for presence.

I've got a very battered half sized dalek made by daleks direct in the garage.
Bought it from a friend of a friend, well over 10 years ago now, to restore at some point but never got round to it.

mr sheen

Nice Kevin, I must put some pics of my NSD up...not finished yet and I'm mid build of K9. Body looks good....not attempted the head yet.