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My little TB2


This a little 1/350 Aoshima Thunderbird 2 I've been tinkering away with over the last couple of weeks. :) A little basic model therapy after the big Eagle I recently did. :?It's designed to have the pod drop down and it came with awful cast of the landing thrusters :eek: in action but I have always been a fan of the big green girl in flight, so thats how I built it. :D My only gripe is that under the flash the lighter panels are just off!! But in natural light they blend in nicely.:yes: There is actually some subtle weathering but again the flash washed most of them out in the pics. :?



Steve Gerard

aj-1701, you did a fine job making this Thunderbird 2 kit. Brilliant. As the International Rescue fleet goes, she's always been a beauty.

Captain Sci-Fi

TB2 Build

Hi AJ,

I will be moving this thread to the reference section as I think this deserves to be there, look for it under Thunderbirds/Thunderbird 2/Member Builds section, nice work. :thumbup: