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My models

Hi all.

I have been consistently astounded by the quality of the work shown on this forum. Gives me delusions of adequacy, all right. However, here are a couple of shots of a couple of models I have done in the past.

is the couple of R2-D2 models from Finemoulds impressive X-wings, both in 1/72nd and 1/48th scales. The larger one is mainly paint, the smaller is, unfortunately, mainly decals. Can't wait for a chance to do the actual fighters.

My Screamin' models "Elvira" model. I have tremendous respect for Cassandra Peterson, the lady who's alter ego is "Elvira", not least of which for the hours she had to spend getting into the make-up for this film. This is a "Before" shot, as I have recently started to strip the paint. I was never happy with her stockings, nor the make-up as it ended up. Time for more research, I think.

The pride of my collection, a Martin Bower original from one of his "Bowerhouse" videos. The one where he concentrates on prop guns and skimpy costumes for some female friends of his, if I remember correctly. Unfortunately I do not have these video's, so any information on this model would be greatfully received.


Nice models, Weaponsmith. Where as you did a great job in painting the 1/48 R2, nevertheless I like the small R2 with its decal/painting combination. I use decals a lot for the very small models. Otherwise it is hardly possible to achieve the wanted detail.

Yes there is a bit of BR Starfighter in there. I think that is what he started from, as both the front weapon pods are there, as is the canopy. The nose is made from a couple of small scale ship hulls glued top to top and then turned on their sides.


Unfortunately, as I stated I am currently re-doing this model. So this is the only full figure shot I have of her. Knock yourself out my friend.

Well, what do you expect? No gentleman shows pictures of a lady when she's stripping!

However, I do have some startling news from the world of "Captain Scarlet". It appears that Earth was not alone in fighting the Mysterons. Not only can you judge yourself by your enemies, you can judge your enemies by the allies you need to defeat them, and by this next picture I can prove we could never have defeated the Mysterons on our own.

For in fact, the Mysterons were .....

The Shadows from B5! And the only race powerful enough to let us stand a chance against the Shadows - who could also bring people back from the dead - were, of course, THE VORLONS! Here is the first picture of a Vorlon hybrid SPV.

It's just a shame that 3 years after forcing the Shadows to leave us alone, the Vorlons council estate trailer park trash cousins came along and demolished the Earth to make way for a hyperspacial express route.

Vorlons, Vogons, what me worry! :D



Great models you have there. I should have the Bower video up in the attic somewhere. Not sure if it is the one which covers that. If I can find it I will let you know. I do remember articles (I think) in Sci Fi and Fantasty Models on his stuff with his female friend.


The video I am referring to is the one with the real women in. Not the models he made in SF&F (Which I also have.)

I will also be posting pics of progress on both Elvira and the SPV as I go - and as I am now officially "UB40" as we say here in blighty (Unemployed, that is) I should have more time to devote to my current projects, so expect more pictures from now on.

Dr Kane

Some nice models there and the 'stripping' joke was a good 'un! :lol:

The colour scheme on the Martin Bower model reminds me of the Soviet-made jets operated by some Middle Eastern nations.