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My Retro Moon Buggy


Over summer I've been busy house decorating but thankfully its finished for now. During this period I was thinking what my next model project would be and as usual I kept changing my mind every five minutes. Anyway for the past few days I kept passing a charity shop that was selling the elevator from the Dr Who episode 'The Satan Pit' and I kept thinking that it could be made into something. I succumbed and bought the thing for £2 and came to the conclusion it might be turned into a retro surface buggy of sorts. As usual I'm extremely short of the readies thanks to my car so this project will have to be really cheap. I have to admit I'm not very good at original designs so I'll be borrowing form various sources.
I will use some of my old Meccanno set for the basic chassis as it looks girder'ish. I will cover up some of the obvious meccanno look as I go on but as I'm totally making this up its not's the best way to build something though the meccanno is easy to assemble and take apart which I did umpteen times.
I like the colour and details on the elevator so I will not touch it at all. For the front control area I used one of my spare Dalek acrylic spheres which will be bolted on the front. I was going to use an old ball cock but I hate the plastic plus it would be difficult to create windows. At the moment I'm trying to decided balloon tyres or tracks mmm!


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I'm afraid to say that I've decided to scrap this model as truth be told I hated it plus as I've said before I'm useless at building original things. I just couldn't get any interest in it and when that happens I prefer to move onto something else.
Thanks to those who had a quick peek, see you soon.