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For a change from doing scratch builds I decided it was time for a kit and I chose the UNCL Spectrum Passenger Jet which was studio scale at about 20" long.
I enjoyed building my last UNCL kit which was the Elevator Car so I knew this would be good quality.
There are not a lot of parts for this model but the kit includes the decals needed plus a disc with some helpful photos etc.
I first cleaned up the rear fin parts though that didn't take long as the pieces are very clean. The tail fin had a little plastic sprue at the bottom so I decided to drill a corresponding hole in the other part and glued them together.
The main body because of its length is in two parts which need to be fitted together. After sanding the ends flat they were glued, once dry I added some P38 to fill the small join. You have to be careful when sanding this model as resin doesn't take a lot to sand plus the panel details are already on the model parts so care must be taken so as not to sand them off.


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With the body glued together, filled and sanded I gave it a quick spray of primer to show up any defects and apart from some minor work it was ok.
Next step was the wings which again needed little tidying up. After dry fitting I glued one wing and hand held it in place until it was set to make sure it was in the right place.
Before fitting the next wing I glued the two parts which make up the tail fin assembly. I gave it a primer coat and I have to say it looks really good.
The second wing was fitted as before with no problems. Dry fitting the tail assembly I noticed some gaps where the two wing ends meet so I used some filler. I also used a very small amount of filler where the wings meet the body as there were some extremely small gaps which I decided I couldn't live with.
I had to sand the top of the body where the tail fits and the bottom of the tail part so they would fit nice and neat, this is the only major sanding I've done on this model.


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I'm afraid I've decided not to continue with this model. Please don't get me wrong its not the kit which is fantastic its me and my lack of skills when dealing with very small details and especially painting.
I didn't realise there was some very small painting details which are beyond my skills which is why I generally build large models. I'm pretty useless at cockpits and I should have thought about it more.
I admit I had not really looked at the original SPJ closely, ah well thats the second project I've cancelled in a row, I'm beginning to get a little worried.


Awwww... Don't give up on the kit. You're so good at this. Maybe there's someone on this group or the other one that's close to you and would do the detail painting and return it to you for finishing. The other thing is (and this is just personal): I find highly detailed cockpits and interiors to be distracting on a kit. They look artificial when compared to full-scale reality, where reflections and refractions would diffuse the perceived detail that could be seen. I tend to use darker colours in bold, grouped areas or sometimes just a solid, dark gray for the whole interior on my aircraft kits. I guess if the fun has gone out of the kit for you then so be it. It's a shame though. Maybe leave it for a while and come back to it.


Hi TerraForm

Many thanks for the encouragement, alas I've sold the kit as seen to someone who will hopefully finish it off. I really must look closer at the details on a kit in future before I jump in the deep end.
I must agree with you on cockpits in general, they are not my favourite part of any build and if I have to do them like you I tend to paint them in one colour to help disguise them. I've always thought that painting them the same colours as the originals can make them a bit artificial but that's just my personal preference. I've used grey primer in some of mine and even black in one though I might re spray it grey.
UNCL kits are great and I thoroughly recommend them to anyone and I enjoyed building the Elevator kit some time ago.
I don't know what my next project will be as I keep on changing my mind every day and anyway I'm house decorating at the moment worst luck.
Thanks again.
Jet, set and match......

Hi Malcolm, sorry for not checking in before now....sorry also to see you pass on the project on the one hand but, on the other, she'll be in somebody's safe hands. Hope you're well and keeping busy, even if it is decorating at the moment. Whatever you decide to embark on next, I look forward to finding out what it will be. I'm sure you won't be stuck!

Kindest regards