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My Stingray Mk2 build


That's, at the risk of repeating myself, UTTERLY GORGEOUS. What a brilliant finish Malcolm! You've made a tremendous job of her - finally, after all these years, you'll have your very own Stingray proudly displayed. Let's see more pictures once everything's done - I know how much this model meant to you, so well done indeed.

Kindest regards



I sprayed the cabin fins the same blue colour as the body - Ford Olympic Blue.
The sting missile tubes and the area between the landing skids and rear indents were painted Peugeot Royal Blue.
The silver that caused all the trouble last time was used as the silver trim on the cabin fins and the periscope, its a good paint for that sort of thing.
The only thing I did on the periscope was to grind out a small area and fitted a small washer leaving the centre hole empty to give the impression of 'glass'
Again with all these areas there was a lot of masking which always gives me nightmares and I go through a lot of bin liners which annoys the other half.
Its coming along though still has a number of things to do.

It seems some of the photos from an earlier post have disappeared??


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Just about there at last.
With construction and painting complete its time for some weathering.
During the painting I made great efforts to keep the paint glossy even though it was cold - I used fan heaters and hair dryers to keep the paint from clouding. At this time I wasn't sure if I was going to keep it this way or spray matt lacquer well I ended up keeping it shiny as I thought it looked better and wet!. Normally I would matt things down but not this time.
For weathering I used some low tack masking tape and brushed on some weathering powder I had, I also used my fingers as well. I then removed the tape and brushed any excess off with another brush, this left a straight edge with the powder faintly on the other edge. If I made any mistakes I just used some T Cut to clean the area and start again.
Before I did all this I put the decals on, they were vinyl self adhesive which I prefer.
Once I did the underneath letters I fitted the skids.
Its amazing how decals and weathering make such a difference.


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Time for the finishing details namely the silver stripes.
I decided to use car vinyl self adhesive tape for this as there was no way I would trust myself with all the masking.
The tape was a double which meant the stripes were 2mm wide with a 2mm wide gap. However I cut them apart and stuck them on the model, with tape round curves you have to be careful not to stretch it too much otherwise it will start to shrink. Once they were in place I removed the protective clear strip from the top and I was left with two clean stripes.
The next job I was dreading was the windows. I had early on in the build created some groves (using a dremel) inside the cabin for the windows to fit.
The side windows were easy as they were flat, however the front window was a pain.
I cut out various templates and constantly adjusted them until they would fit.
I used some left over pieces from a laminating machine at work which were just the right thickness and nice and clear.
I stuck the windows in place with a hot glue gun but you have to be careful as the glue has a tendency to 'string'.
Almost there just a couple of things left.


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Finally here at last after what seems a long journey.
The last things to fit were the Aqua Sprites which were stuck on with double sided tape and the rate master which has a screw bolt. The side stabilisers were just pushed into place.
I just took some finish photos on the work bench as I don't have any fancy back grounds.
I hope you like them, my next project will have to wait until it gets a bit warmer though if I get bored I might start sooner.
Many thanks for watching and all the best.


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Well done, nicely weathered, very subtle. This will be a striking model to display, I'm sure you're very pleased with the result.

Cool Caveman

The finished model looks great! Excellent job!

Thanks for sharing your progress regularly, it's been fascinating to see it come together.