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My Studio 2 SPV


I did some measuring on my studio 2 SPV which might not help but it will give you an idea.
The gap between the track supports is 118mm.
The distance between the outside edge of the tracks is 188mm.
The distance between the outside edge of the Scalextric parts is 68mm.

These measurements are from my SPV and are probably different from the official sizes.
This area is difficult to get info on as most of the photos are angled or dark.
I imagine some builders change the layout ever so slightly to get things to work as I did.
I had some resin copies of the track supports and scalextric bits but I had to make up other parts.
I don't know if any of this is useful but if you need any other measurements etc then please get in touch.


SPV rear measurements

Hi Malcolm thanks for the measurements. I bought the Studio2 kit years ago the centre details between the tracks was cast in one basic sculpt. I think Mamas developed and redesigned the kit to include casts of the original parts later on. One question, what is the diameter of the decals and did you make your own. Thanks once again for the assistance, regards Chris W


Hi Chris
The diameter of the roundels is 35mm. They were supplied with the kit, Bill Oram was the person who actually produced the decals for this kit, I made a bit of a muck up when positioning the SPV lettering and had to get in touch with Bill to have some more supplied.
I never knew the original casting of this model had those details pre-molded, it might have made things a bit easier for me.
Good luck with the build.


SPV rear end detailing

Hi Malcolm, I just managed to bag the illusive Kibri 9924 transformer kit . Thankfully I now have all the correct parts for the rear detail. It’s only taken about 15 years 🤦🏼*♂️

All the best

Chris W


Sorry for taking so long to answer but we've moved house and all the hassle that goes with it.
Have you started your SPV yet?
Once completed it will look great on display.
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