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My Thunderbird 4


Many thanks for the offer, I've been so busy lately I haven't had much time though having said that I did actually change the lettering on TB4.
Unfortunately I don't have any new photos as my camera packed up.
However I have some pre-change photos which are not ideal but its all I've got at the moment. Just remember when viewing the letters are now different.

Believe it or not I've spent a year on this model which as far as I'm concerned is far too long. I have spent more time re doing areas of this model more than any other plus I would only spend a few minutes a week as it was either too hot or too cold in the garage.

I scratch built this model as the kit available from Studio 2 was too big for the space available but as it turned out mine is 20 inches long so not that much smaller. I didn't build to any particular size as I just basically doubled all measurements from one photo. Its not perfect but I'm more or less pleased with it. I did stick some various small decals around the model and drew some panel lines but they don't always show up. The coiled wire round the front lamp housing was just some 15amp fuse wire.
I built it using insulation panels as a core then covered it in fibreglass as I wanted to see if it would work which it did, this means I would build TB2 the same way if I get round to it.

I hope you enjoyed the build and thanks for all your comments.


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Well done, you may have taken a year but you now have an outstanding model of one of our favourite craft that will last for as long as you choose. I have enjoyed your build log and I'm looking forward to whatever you decide to tackle next.


Thanks Dave, I had to constantly change the shape of the body through out the build which held up completion.
I'm currently working on a Studio Scale SPV kit from Mamas but progress is extremely slow due to it being freezing in the garage, I will start posting sometime soon when the weather warms up.
Thanks again.


I sympathise over the weather having lived in Britain for many years. I am in Australia and suffer from the exact opposite....too hot! Looking forward to seeing your build log as you work your way through the SPV build.
best regards.