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Mystery eBay photographs

Hi all,

While searching eBay earlier I happened across somebody selling a range of photo negatives, which are supposedly from Phil Rae's collection. No connection to the seller, but I'm intrigued by what's in the pictures.

The first image in this set looks like Cy-Star from Terrahawks sans wig? There's also a couple of shots of the small Ocean Pioneer model from Thunderbirds:

Most of the images in this batch appear to be from the creation of the Dire Straits puppets (for the "Calling Elvis" music video):
However, I did wonder whether the Brains puppet head seen in this collection could be a studio original?

Various bits of hardware including some Eagle Transporters:

This is the set of pictures I'm most curious about, as it appears to feature several Thunderbirds characters: I'd be interested to know the provenance of these, as the heads look like painted casts rather than full replicas (Scott in particular).


Here's a shot of the Ocean Pioneer I cleaned up.
I just hope the neg quality is better than the scan because they are pretty rough.

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