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need lot (and lots) of help:casting molds:resin

Hello all
Me again yes i would like to teach myself these skills making molds ,casting them working with resin. Got a star ship i would like to see as a model not just something on paper and maybe if i get good enough
make some mods for the furture 44" eagle planed( alas planed is as far i can get to it now) just a tought would any of you been interested in a model for Quark (not the short dude from ds9) the one with richard benjermain they were intergaltic garbage men

Well get back on track i would like help links books videos ect
to teach myself these skills

thank for your time in reading this


This is a good place to begin

They sold a VHS video a few years back simply fantastic. I can't recall the name of it (and I won't be able to find it in the VHS tapes mountain in the attic), but maybe they have it in a DVD format nowadays.

They sell the best materials by far, too

There was a good book out there, called "Secrets of the expert mold making & resin casting", by Karl K. Juelch (Wingnut International, 1998)


There's no substitute for actually doing so I'd recommend buying some and have a go moulding maybe plastic kits parts to get a feel for the materials. It's not exactly rocket science. Mixing ratios are on the packets. Whether resin or rubber, stir slowly to avoid making as many air bubbles as possible. If you decide to take it further, then you might want to invest in a vacuum degassing chamber however note that 95% of GK companies merely mix and pour.
:D :D :D thanks guys this helps out a lot thank you thank you
maybe my idea of making a launch pad for the 12 inch eagle i have
might be a little easier once i learn how to do it

once again thanks
Well lots of info thanks got another idea for some thing (going thought old notes and things but much latter for that (the brass work alone would make the eagle look like a snap tight model)

TEN FEET ouch may a 23 inch model latter five foot launch pad might be better but the ten foot one would be cool :D 23 model eagle (i know one thing at a time)

i will get bule prints some brass solder propane got some scrap metal
for jigs spine just foucs on one thing

don't recall where in the site it was i run across it. Some one whanted to know where the T pad was located well on the J level just left of pad one
the travel tube runs from command to resarch unit and the reason i think it is t shaped (could be wrong last time i saw the show i was 10 or so)
there is no hanger bay under the pad. hope this helps and if any think it is for another reason give me a post


rabbit: I am trying my first resin molds for my project - in my case I am using fast drying clay and 30 minute resin. My intent to to recast the 4-way thrusters and perhaps make some stun guns for my Eagle (Mattel version).

If successful, I will post my results with a how-to.
the 44 inch eagle or -it's alive IT'S ALIVE

been two long weeks of waiting (me wait? can't stand it)
but the blueprints will be here mon or tuesday
got a dermel ,flex wand (make it easier on me ,hopefully)
propane (need a pen torch, will be a wee bit easier than the set up i have now tank gets a bit heavy after a time) a few bits grinding stone and garbide cutting bits can't recall Who sent me the better pic of the jigs
but Thank you a million times over ( been doing my best but seam to be like 5mm off, so try try again untill i get it spot on)
Now for the angles? how should a person go about cutting all thoes angles????? :( :? :?
what tool?? or how to get it done ( if any help thank you, if i have over looked it opps on my part) :?

one piece of tube i worked on for testing it seams a bit soft
and the 3/16 that fits into the 1/4 seam to have a lot of play??????
is it supposed to have so much play??????
might use 9/16 it seams to "fit" better this is for the cage
the 1/4 that fits into the 5/16 has a lot of play as well (for the spine)
if any can help please do :D :? :?
THE EAGLE HAS LANDED: or i most be out of my mind

it started to rain so we ( me and dad) pack tools up
from working on the chicken coop ( it is as straight as a bowling ball)
so it made for some fun figuring we are tired wet hungery
so we go to the store get some food i thought what the heck
go through the magizines and find Starlog and Movie Maker

Well i'm happy :D :D
when we get home what do i see Blueprints!! so yes (think of snoopy)
i have happy feet :dance:
just need some help so i will look in the site links print them up
11" eagle landing grear redo

the plan is to redo the landing gear of the eagle
1. to remove the little box on the bottom of the shoulder pod
2. follow the detailed info from star ship builder
plans to redo the cage area, command module,redo the cargo pod (where it hooks up to the spine) and maybe a glider , or even a lab pod
but this is a furture project
another furture project is a shoulder pod (scaled for the 172" scale)
paper weight!! with working landing gear

but i frist have to get the 44" eagle done
got some proper sized brass i tube of 1/4 X .028
and some 5/16 X .028 3 tubes great they can do a re order!!!
but K&S has phased out the tube i need (Rats :bang: :dead: :thumbdown: )
also got some plate .16 X some thing or other (sorry it's out in the truck)
why me lazy? (yes thanks for noticing)
dad has offered a "fix" splice the .014 together to make up for the other three tubes needed..................Well i don't know 1. i would know about
and what if it gets racked out of plum?? well we are going to ask about this stuff at a local machinest shoppe maybe there is some still left on the planet some where
got some stuff done got all the straight pieces for the spine cut
and the O.D. is 0.29

got a little web seraching done got a few toll free numbers to call
hope that i can find what i'm looking for

on other ideas have had a idea for landing gear for a ship of my own
and a way to build it ( i know one head ache at a time) :D

the idea for a "film" well it is space 1999 inspierd but have not got it
"in my mind's eye" yet ( for the S.A.R. vessel)
but it will come in time ( hopefull before i die of old age)
don't worry folks just a bit wore out rather be busy or planing something
and a wee bit :furious: over K&S disconting the stock i need
but i shant yell to loud life happens to you when you make plans :D

Yes all i have good news ( well for the folks on this side of the big pond)

K&S has the 1/4X029- 3/16X029- 5/16X029 in STOCK and on the FLOOR! :D :D :D

now all i need is a bloody job!! Any and all good thoughts and prayers
sent my way THANK YOU ( and they will be needed)

got all the straight pieces for the spine cut just haven't got the jigs cut out
or the stand offs put on the jigs and haven't got dear dad to make the jig
for holding the tubes to cut the angles

my jig for the small drill press works but the 017 stuff just gets chewed up and the dremell eats it for lunch well i figure something out
as for the torch i think it is too much for the frame (needs to be seen, might get me a mini torch)

and on Nico's eagle his bird will be eight feet in length!!
the next scale size up would stand 3 feet tall 16 feet in length!!
and the landing pad alone would be a Massive 40 foot!!

so........ in less i go totaly insane ( or get rich) plans for "moster eagle"
well you all know
been trying to scale up the command tower from the Moon base Alpha model ( with a little luck) might be albe to come up with the right scale for the boarding ramp

well i'm alive got some green tea thing are looking up ;)