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New 1/72 Star Trek Work Bee Kits


Assistant Commander
Staff member
Hi Guys,

We are pleased to announce that in partnership with Cozmic Scale Models ,we are now exclusively stocking a cool range of 1/72 Star Trek Work bee resin kits, plus a Shuttle Pod and Travel Pod

You can check out the range here - we have a limited stock in but more available soon so Preorders are being taken.


  • work bees 1.jpg
    work bees 1.jpg
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  • tanker train 1.jpg
    tanker train 1.jpg
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  • tanker train 2.jpg
    tanker train 2.jpg
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  • cargo train 1.jpg
    cargo train 1.jpg
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  • cargo train 2.jpg
    cargo train 2.jpg
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  • type 15 shuttle.jpg
    type 15 shuttle.jpg
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  • Travel pod grey resin.jpg
    Travel pod grey resin.jpg
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