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New Doctor Who: The Matt Smith Era

Spoilers. Lots of Spoilers.

And now at least I know why the Government cut the funding to Stonehenges visitors centre out of the budget!!! The BBC already spent it on that episode. But then ending the universe (and presumably restarting it again) was never going to be cheap.
I liked this for alot of reasons , not all of them probably the right ones, though I do now think the series has now written itself into a box! (if not a corner).
This was very Hollywood Who, with more film references and effects crammed into it than I could have possibly imagined (and even a Hitchhikers Guide I think at the very beginning). At one point I believe I spotted the kitchen sink whizzing around up there in the skies above the Henge but I was mistaken , it was actually every ship in the Whoviverse ( and a couple of the cast from CE3K). No one can dare say they were not being ambitious with this final episode. What did the Romans ever do for us? They just bloody well helped end the universe thats what they did! I'd tell them to go home but presumably Italy, like Englands hope of qualifying for the next round of the world cup ,has gone as well.
Plus points must be given for pulling all the threads and enemies of the Dr together into one place even though it began to look like the World's Best Doctor Who convention was being held in the storage basement of the Tate Modern. The Pandorica is very cubist after all. Watching the Dr being locked in there was strangely amusing,particularly surrounded by all his enemies, which did seem to make up a sizable part of the population of the galaxy. It felt very surreal. Is he really Prisoner Absolute Zero as opposed to that deep sea fish I wonder?
The death of Amy was actually very moving. It moved me to wonder what the hell her character is in relation to all of this story. Oh well , I guess we'll find out on the 26th, the interestingly titled "Big Bang". Oh what a give away. So I guess there is a second series then.

Captain Sci-Fi

Staff member
Pandorica Opens.....


So Dr. Potter is now a prisoner in the Azkaban Pandorica?

They made a huge mistake in letting him keep his wand, er.. screwdriver before sealing him in.

What did we learn?

I did find it strange that Amy Pond lived in a big house all be herself when she was introduced as a character, It was implied that her life course was altered after the Doctor's first visit and she chose a life of solitude with nothing quite measuring up. All those empty rooms eh? Reference to this piqued my interest and added another layer of interest to a story with lots of layers already.

Great picture by Vincent, I'll bet it would sell for big bucks if it every comes up for auction.

Were they making a joke about women drivers when the Tardis crashes?

Every other part of the story was woven perfectly except for the one premise they hung everything else on. All the evil races uniting to bring down the Doctor. Everything we have been taught about the Doctor's universe makes this seem so unlikely, there must be more to this than I can guess.

It made his speech about getting past him to reach the Pandorica a little embarrassing, he dared them to take him on with bravado hurled in every sentence...!!!

So they did and beat him soundly. :D

The Cyberman sequence with Amy was scary stuff, those of my children who were sitting on the floor backed away from the telly in unison to a safer distance closer to Mum and Dad it was brilliant.... :thumbup: :lol:

To say we can't wait for next weeks episode is an understatement, we already bought the popcorn and most of the Sunday lunchtime conversation this week was taken up with speculation and conjecture as to the Doctor's escape and eventual reconciliation with time.

We can't wait. :D

Steve Gerard

Maybe the new Doctor Who writers know something we do not::hmm:

I liked the "Vincent and the Doctor" episode having a poignant ending regarding Vincent.
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I'm looking forward to seeing how the finale unfolds, it has been one of the better seasons ( for me anyway) in a while.

"Spoilers ... " River Song

Whatever happens we will end up with a new Tardis interior , word is that it didn't go down well with viewers and it was difficult to light and film.( good excuse to blow it up then ? ) watch ebay though, as the Dr will have to sell the remaining parts of it off to fund the construction of a new one ... :lol:


I've been thinking about this just now, ( better than watching football ! ) The Dr does have his sonic with him but also possibly ... the vortex manipulator. ( The one River used to go waaaay back in time - remember the " Hello Sweetie " on the cliff face ? ) Well if he has the manipulator on his person and it's previous owner may have set it to be activated by a wolf whistle ( if it did indeed belong to a certain Captain Jack Harkness ) all the Dr has to do when he is inside the box is whistle ( which is what I would be doing if I saw Amy Pond but that's by the by ;) ) .

I can't see the alliance working either as they would all want to take full credit for killing off the Dr, so expect some type of action as they turn on each other. Pity the Zygons weren't there as I loved those when I was a kid.

A totally off the wall thought about the whole ending ? Amy has some of the psychic "stuff" ( can't remember its exact name now :lol: ) in her eye from the Amy's choice episode and it turns out to all be a dream. I mean come on , Rory's been killed twice already hasn't he ? Amy marries Rory and we get the BIG BANG ! ;) The most dangerous thing in the Universe turns out to be Dr River Song and the man she killed and was imprisoned for the murder of turns out to be none other than the Dr . ( The Daleks/ Cybermen / etc have all failed to eliminate the Dr so far )

I think I really must lay off the anti-histamines !! :lol:
Didn't the Doctor ask Amy of she could whistle in the WWII Dalek episode. Your comment , Paul, about a wolf whistle reminded me of that!



I think you could be right Doug, we'll see if it has any significance ? I've just been watching the "Eleventh Hour" episode again and there is a set of stairs that go up in Amy's home but the house itself only has a ground floor and a first floor. Hmmm... could be it is all linked to her home ?


Excellent stuff!

Just watched Big bang, Bloody brilliant!!!!!! Say what you want but........ Nah just bloody brilliant.


Absolutely loved it! Got all teary eyed as well - which says a lot for the quality of acting and writing throughout. I won't spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen it yet by revealing details. Just sit back and enjoy the ride.

Captain Sci-Fi

Staff member

Wow! :shock:

Layer after layer, each tied to episode moments like a spiders web of memories. I am a huge fan of the seeded story arc's, I know they are not popular with everyone but WOW!! This one cooked my goose... I loved the fossilised Daleks, the lone soldier, the TARDIS sun and River Songs character (much more to come from her).

I loved the old, new, borrowed and very blue lines and most of all I loved the Amy remembering moment at her wedding when everyone thought she was crazy.... Karen completely nailed it and had my wife in tears a few times when she cried at her own sadness.

Matt Smith nailed it in the Goodbye/flying Pandorica scene with Karen Gillan and we all were shouting for her to remember the Doctor, when I say we, I mean me and the kids, the wife was crying again. :D

Did you notice that Amy's bedroom was very blue? Odd colour for a girl's room but a brilliant touch to add subtleties in a story already working so well on so many other levels.

We can't wait for the Christmas Special. :yes:




Did a bit of digging, I have tried to think of who the River Song character could be and where she fits in with all of the Dr Who mythos. Well it appears that some some of my thoughts turned to her being the Rani , an old enemy of the Dr. If you search the name Rani with google etc it turns out that Rani is a Hebrew name which means " song " . Hmmm .... they could have disguised it a bit better dont you think ? :think:


Yes, I have to admit, this last episode (and the one before) pulled out all the stops with some cracking (and very funny) time travelling. River Song and the Dalek - excellent dialogue.

And still enough unresolved plot points to pepper the next series with links back to this one.

Not going to speculate on any of it, as my previous guesses have all been wide of the mark. Looking forward to the Christmas special.


Vortex manipulator/total perspective vortex, few molecules of universe/fairy cake. Anyone else pick up that as a Hitchers homage or do I need therapy?


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loved it, never been a big fan but its far better with SM at the helm and l like this doctor best:thumbup:
A successful end to what I would call a patchy series, with more ups and downs than a roller coaster.
Matt Smith is by far one of the most comically likeable and eccentric Whos since Tom Baker. His pythonistic Dr gives the impression he is thinking deeply about solving problems whilst being rather troubled about how it all fits together though I do note he is still too keen to whip his sonic out whenever possible to solve the slightest plot dilema. He should go for sonic dependancy treatment at the Rest Home at the end of the Universe . But then the item itself has become the ultimate in super evolving JML products ever.Every home, Tardis and time traveller should have one.
Anyway, regardless of that ,he's done well, particularly in the last four episodes to capture the heroic charm and empathy that nearly all the best doctors have had when faced with cosmic disaster. His delivery,especially at an emotionally level is sometimes astonishingly good. And moving.
Karen Gillian has had a trickier time of it with her character as have the writers I think. I still don't have a clue about who Amy Pond really is though. Whilst this DR is a retro Who ,Amy is totallly a girl of today ,seemingly all knock out looks and style, but no real substance that you can see. She does have impossible powers of recall and abilities that put her on a par or above that of the Doctor though , and I guess that was the intention of the series writers. For a brilliantly brief moment at the beginning when she appeared in the Pandorica I thought she was going to be revealled as a real Timelord, the true Prisoner Zero in the parrallel universe which was cracking up because the Dr had saved her.
As for the episode I don't know what they can do after this. Basically they have recreated the Universe in its entirety. Thats some trick. It was a very enjoyable piece of theatre though ,thoroughly entertaining. It appealled to the heart if not the head for the most part and there is no denying it works well even if it did feel a little Wizard of Ozish, where Dorathy,sorry Amy, wished everything back into existance,including the Wizard at the end.
I do like Alex Kingstons River Song though. That character smoulders with the promise of dangerous electricity , playfully,willfully strong and impossibly attractive. She kind of reminds me of Emma Peel in the Avengers. I hope she gets to be more central to the next episodes as is suggested. Paul Carson, if you are reading this ,you are a proper Literary Detective First Class
And I hope that the series has now found its footing and at the very least theres not two left feet playing the leads to judge from the last few episodes. If they pay a little more attention to the plot logic in the series (that Angels double still makes me shudder) I would be well happy with it.


I'm kind of liking the new Doctor...I also like that the new Tardis console room design has a bit of Moonbase Alpha in it (Pileo floor lamps).

I have to say, I also did not like the new Dalek design (or the United Colors of Scaro)...I would think the Daleks trying to make themselves pure and get back to their roots would lead to them choosing something darker (like gray or gun-metal) in tone (as they used to be when they were created).



I have to say, I also did not like the new Dalek design (or the United Colors of Scaro)...I would think the Daleks trying to make themselves pure and get back to their roots would lead to them choosing something darker (like gray or gun-metal) in tone (as they used to be when they were created). Dana

Agreed, if you consider the Dalek casings are akin to one-man tanks, would you paint a Tiger or Sherman in one of those colours? I doubt it! :no: :D Bring back the Grey Daleks from 'Genesis'! I could have lived with a design & colour scheme closer to the films maybe. I still have a lot of faith in Moffatt - he's a much better writer than most - but IMO it was an amazing error okaying that redesign. Basic economics tells me we'll be seeing them again, unfortunately. :-/