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New Doctor Who: The Matt Smith Era

Captain Sci-Fi

I have heard Matt is leaving, it is a shame and the measure of his success in the role is that we will miss he added his own stamp to the depth of the Dr Who character but by far the most interesting thing this latest season has offered is the TARDIS has grown as a character.


Matt Finish?

So Matt Smith is quitting already? These youngsters just can't go the distance as I Said before it'll all end in tears! We need a return to the old style Who not the PC drivel we've been fed for the last 10 or so years!:wtf:

As for Who should replace Matt Smith how about Benedict Cumberbatch and Andrew Scott as the Master:yes:

New Who, More like Boo Hoo!:no::thumbdown:


But they have already previewed the new doctor, John Hurt!

***Warning! Possible Spoilers! ****

The theory seems to be, in fan circles, that John Hurt is the incarnation that ended the Time War, and then regenerated into the Doctor we see in the first episode of the new series. So, in theory, he's not worthy of the name "the Doctor" having committed double genocide. Except he hasn't if you know what I mean, because sticking the warring Daleks and Time Lords seems to have been about as good as a chocolate teapot in a supernova. They've both got round the exile in various ways.
Now I was thinking more along the lines of the Doctor getting stuck somewhere between his twelfth and final bodies, RE: The Valeyard, and therefore not worthy of being called The Doctor as, after all, the Valeyard has already tried to get more than the final incarnation of the Doctor would be entitled to.

Mind you, that may be because I had never heard of this "Time War" before the new series, and have not been bothered to look up anything on it since, but I did see the "Trial of a Timelord" season of Colin Baker's.