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New Granada/Network Hi Def DVD's


My set arrived safe and well this morning. Overall, the picture quality is superb particularly the colour correction although there are some odd patches of pixelation in places which might be down to the compression rate needed to put four episodes on one disk. The extras are good although the Clapperboard programmes are edited and obviously from a VHS source. Some of the featurettes are recycled from previous Kindred productions but the "These Episodes" featurette is new and very good. I need to experiment with the quality of screen grabs tomorrow but all in all, definitely worth the money (£56 from Amazon).
The Clapperboard is from a Fanderson Member, as Granada has wiped them all in the late 1970s. This copy I believe was recorded on a V2000 Tape machine via a repeat in LWT area in late 1977. Well its better than nothing, as we nearly got the Derek Meddings Episode of clapperboard talking about the Effects on Krull!! :roll:released on these discs, until someone at Network pointed out that he never worked on Space1999.
Good old Granada! ;)
I believe the Clapperboard "extra" was assembled from a number of off-air sources hence why the quality is variable. The editing is clunky because of rights issues with music present on the original.

It is a Network product not Granada, Granada hold the rights and license the DVD options.



Just ordered this, mainly on the strength of the much-vaunted clean-up and the Clapperboard extras which I remember viewing as a kid.

Looking forward to it!