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New JR21 Toys Book


I've written a book about the less-well known toys that were released by JR21, the forerunner to Century 21 Toys, part of Gerry Anderson's Century 21 Organisation.

It's called Toy Bunnies on Plastic Scooters and maybe of interest to members.

The toys I cover in my new book are plastic, friction-drive comical novelty toys made in Hong Kong like bunnies on scooters, piglets on box cars, rocking horse, feasting cat and many more. It also includes some non-space related generic vehicles like racing cars, commer vans and motorbikes. The boxes are pictures as well together with toy model numbers, colours etc.

I've been collecting these toys for years and my interest stemmed from my collecting Project S.W.O.R.D toys in the 90's and 00's, which were also produced by JR21/ Century 21 toys.

The book is a large format glossy coffee-table book comprising of mostly photographs of the toys, all in colour and is designed to help collectors identify these rather obscure but very appealing novelties for collecting.

My new book is published via Blurb and interested members can go straight to their site via this link below and just search for the book there. Be sure to check for any discount codes, which Blurb often advertise on their homepage.