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New METROPOLIS release.


I was lucky enough to view the new release of Metropolis(dvd version). It gets released on 22nd November 2010. I must say it looks very clean and they have done an excellent job getting the contrast to look correct. Also included are 25 minutes of footage thought lost which has been edited into the film. The new previously lost footage is pretty damaged and was only from a 16mm print, so you can spot clearly where it has been edited into the film. Some of the scenes look like they were shot yesterday they are so clean and the Blu-ray release which I haven't seen yet is a pristine new 1080p transfer so it should look stunning. Recommended.:thumbup:


Got this on order today. Bought the blu-ray, although dunno how good a blu-ray could be from a 1920's film!


I watched it in hi def streaming here in the states and it looks great. Its a much more rounded film with the newly found elements added in, even though they are in rough shape. A real treat.