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new prop website with Anderson pieces

Hi Everyone

I have launched my new website selling film and television props/costumes

We will be listing new items twice a week on a Tuesday and Thursday 4pm GMT

As my love is british sci-fi there will be plenty of Anderson pieces coming over the next few months along with Dr Who, Rec Dwarf, Blakes 7 etc

Also some nice Anderson articles to come and on the Facebook page
Sorry but the server that hosts the site is down, a few other people like are having the same problem, hopefully it will be sorted very soon


The 'Star Cops' top is interesting, I have one of those with exactly the same washed out colour, heaven knows what was done to them.

Slate Mcleod

Loved the article about Dalek one-seven. To answer a few questions :
"Was it the case that these are not the plans from which Shawcraft worked?" Nope
These drawings as you can tell by their dates were created later. I also remember the rumours about Stuart Evans' "Shawcraft One" which later were proved to be not true but a Dalek that was a collection of parts assembled later by Bill Roberts for events. However, your research into the tragically cut down Dalek exhibition prop appears 90% correct and I'm glad someone - whoever it was - placed its restoration in the hands of Mike Tucker, as there are few around these days who could have done it the justice it deserves. In all honesty I am not convinced these parts are from the same original prop but I am convinced it's "now" one of the few screen used Dalek's and it's good to see it assembled. I can try and answer any questions but drop me an IM as I am aware Dalek provenance can be a controversial subject for an open forum !