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New puppet

I have added an original puppet to my website, he is the blinker version of commodore Goddard from captain scarlet.

Personally this is my favorite puppet, I think he is one if the best sculpts,

Another interesting point is how expensive he was back in the 1995 Phillips auction, he was the 6th or so most expensive head sold fetching more than the captains, Sam loover's and ian mcclaine's etc.... Anyone have any ideas ad to why?? I can't work it out
As far as I can remember, I think it was because the puppet bore a strong likeness to Captain Black, and various puppet makers were keen to cast the head to create Captain Black replicas.
Very nice detail. It looks like a complicated piece of internal mechanism which adds to the appeal of it.

By the way, congratulations on your recent Ebay sales. I placed a bid on one pair of hands but was outbid by other competitors - but that's the excitement of ebay!

- J:thumbup:
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Yes I had heard that people thought it was a re sculpt of Black which it is not, but I suppose it share a likeness, I also think it helps that it is 100% complete and as it appeared in Captain Scarlet i.e. no missing parts or darker skin tone etc... looking back at the catalouge is amazing just how few of the puppets were in complete condition.



It is a resculpt of Black Jamie - its been built up on the cheeks and forehead with putty. The giveaway is the higher right eye and the ears, Chris
i have a casting of this puppet head it still had the hair on when it was cast tape coverd it so the hair would not pull


No, noone `official`, but its obvious if you put a cast of the two heads next to each other. Before Black turned up, loads of people including myself had a bash at resculpting Gravenor, with varying success. The common mistake was to build the Gravenor head up, when in fact it needed to be cut back, Chris

I compared my Goddard with the images of black on the bonhams site and it's very obviously the same head, as you say chris you can see where it was built up on the fore head and cheek.


Chris King

Hi Chris,

I have been following your work for a few years now, great stuff. I used to work as a model maker in TV and advertising, these days it's more of a hobby. Would you happen to know how tall a Lady Penelope puppet should be? I'm trying to make one for my son.

Best wishes,



Lady Penelope Puppet

Does anyone know how tall a Lady Penelope puppet is? I'm trying to build one, my guess is around 21 inches. Thanks in advance,



Steve, I`ve never measured an original, but she is slightly taller than Parker, so 20-21 inches I`d go