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New Red Dwarf


I guess Chris Barrie will be wearing a wig for those unmanageable hair gags. :roll:


Jade Falcon

Now the big question is.................................

Will Dave Lister find somewhere that serves a good vindaloo.
So this is where they find all of Earth's population has evolved in the last 6 million years into beer swilling curry addicts and Dave was just ahead of the curve?

(And yes, I said 6 million as they were said to be 3 million years out when they turned, give a millennium or two, and I am assuming it takes the same amount of time to get back)

Also of course, with technology advancing, the population of Earth has probably now spread among the stars and the entire universe is filled with Lister-Alikes!

Just so long as their favourite dish isn't Cat Vindaloo!



Unless the nanobots who recreated the Red Dwarf and it's crew for series VIII move on to Earth.

Or it was all a dream Dave Lister had while in stasis.

Sage the Owl

I'm in two minds about this, personally I thought the last series was very weak and relied too heavily on running jokes, (space directives & Cat's "Deader than.." comments) rather than good story telling.
The last story I remember laughing at was "Gunmen of the apocolypse".
To me it seemed that the more popular the programme got with the public at large the more bland & pedestrian it got.
I shall now go & don my tin helmet and await the flak......

Tim Smith

It will take 10 forevers to get here, but I will be glad to see an ending to where season 8 left off. Now, if I could find an Indian restaurant that serves the stuff I have heard so much about in RD. We tried one once, but it was a very traditional one...still not sure what we had!


It all changed when Rob Grant left to do other things. Doug Naylor carried on but it's a bit like the Sylvia and Gerry thing.


As an aside, i was just watching Series 6's Psirens episode, and at one point as Starbug passes thru an Asteroid field with derelict spaceships, one of them seems to be an Eagle from Space 1999, although you can only see the thrusters and one leg from the underside. A further google search seems to suggest many old classic spaceships were used in this episode. Never spotted it before.