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New Red Dwarf


That's where some of the problems arise. No, holograms I must say I never bought Data aging, even though it was a clever way to get around the obvious.


My wife was stood behind Robert Llewellyn at the checkout in our local Sainsburys last year.

She was so dying to shout 'Smeghead' at him...!


As it's being shown on the Dave channel - can we resurrect the original "They're all dead Dave..." joke?:think:


We have Chris Barrie down at the Hovercraft Museum on 17th April to film for one of his other programmes on machines etc. I'll be assisting him to drive some of our craft...

I'll also be there with a few bits for him to autograph !


RD "Backwards"

I'll be assisting him to drive some of our craft...!

So, you'll get a chance to play Rimmer!

"Right, in your own time, if you'd like to start the space vehicle, proceed through the cargo bay doors, and off into outer space".:lol:


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The cast apart from Craig Charles were on the BBC Breakfast program at 9.00am this morning talking about the new episodes on Dave. They showed a few clips and taked a little about was was going on, it all sounds quite interesting, its in three parts with a forth part 'making of' as well.
You found that interesting, Tony?

Biggest load of tosh since Torchwood so far as I am concerned.
<Spoiler for those that didn't see it and don't want to know>
The crew get back to earth and have to find a writer to give them a decent ending, so they look for Craig Charles who is starring in "Corronation Street" to point them in the right direction.

<End Spoiler>
Worse storyline than anything in series 8 if you ask me, and I wasn't fond of that. I will not make a special effort to see it, but will watch it if I happen across it, as I think I would prefer working on my Daleks, or the GW super-heavy tanks, or playing world of Warcraft


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Well I will give it a viewing and see what its like, if its crap then its crap and that will be the end of it, but on the other hand it could also turn out to be OK, not sure until we see it, so I will reserve judgment until the end of part three.


Oh, good Lord, that don't bode well.

At least TW has purty gals....

You haven't seen Rimmer's nemesis in this one then!

I must admit the interview was about what I expected - but I was surprised at the 'plot' being revealed quite so freely. If that turns out to be true and not just a wind-up, then it either has to be very well done, or it's going to be the biggest pile of dingoes kidneys this side of Beetlejuice 9.



There are some interesting videos here on 'Dave's site.

I must admit, when I first heard of this - then saw Craig Charles in Corrie, I thought 'jeepers - he's let himself go a bit'.

What little footage I've seen though, is pretty encouraging. I'll admit that it's not going to be 'classic' but some dwarf is better than no dwarf.

Incidentally, Danny John-Jules was over here watching the TT races a couple of years ago, which I was also filming. I collared him and rather cheekily asked if he'd say hello on camera to my son Stuart, who is a big dwarf fan. He agreed and was a real sport about it. Nice guy. Stuart was dead chuffed.


On Film,no "laugh track",so a completely different look and feel and frankly no laughs to speak of........
Interesting but really why?????????????
Part 2 better be worth it


They could have filmed it in front of a live studio audience, somebody might have laughed once or twice. I almost did.


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Hmmmm, there were a few interesting bits, but generally it could have been a bit better, it was more like a comedy drama show than classic Red Dwarf, ah well on to part two then.


There is a review in tonight's paper (Edinburgh Evening News) with quotes from the cast. This from Craig Charles;

"This is Red Red Dwarf for the 21st century, this is not a situation comedy, this is a comedy drama. It looks like it is shot on film, it looks like a film. The performances are a lot more considered, it is not us running around shouting at each other and insulting each other any more. There's lots of emotion, a lot of pathos."

Whereas earlier shows were filmed in front of a live studio audience, Charles says that the new series has a more modern approach.

"Comedy has moved on and people don't need to be prompted when to laugh or to be told what's funny, they'll find it funny if they find it funny."

The cast apparently think this is some of the best Red Dawrf they've done and hope that it is the start of a new beginning.