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New Red Dwarf


Chief Eagle Pilot
Great to see the cast back and a pretty decent new hour long show ................. that was unfortunately stretched out into a rather poor 3-parter! Should have just been a one-off special.


Great to see the cast back and a pretty decent new hour long show ................. that was unfortunately stretched out into a rather poor 3-parter! Should have just been a one-off special.

I like the 3 part format, Like the old Dr Who, not the one off like now Dr Who special and one espisode story like now a day's


Managed to see this via a mate last night (I don't have sky). The cast seemed to slip back into their old skins well enough, and raised a smile if not a laugh. The russian totty was a bit OTT, and the storyline was threadbare. I don't think I'd buy it on DVD - unless I was in a 'completist' mood, but it was harmless enough.

Big Rab

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It was Fantastic to see the guys back together, they just fitted into their rolls again perfectly, , , ,as if they had never been away :clap: :clap: :clap:

However, the script only raised a couple of smiles from me but no out bursts of laughter, like the old ones used to do. Sorry!

Top marks to the guys :thumbup: . . . . low marks to the script :thumbdown:

The new Starbug did make me smile though (plant pots for engine thrusters???? where ever did they get that idea from ;) )

Tim Smith

There is a review in tonight's paper (Edinburgh Evening News) with quotes from the cast. This from Craig Charles;

"This is Red Red Dwarf for the 21st century, this is not a situation comedy, this is a comedy drama. It looks like it is shot on film, it looks like a film. The performances are a lot more considered, it is not us running around shouting at each other and insulting each other any more. There's lots of emotion, a lot of pathos."

Whereas earlier shows were filmed in front of a live studio audience, Charles says that the new series has a more modern approach.

"Comedy has moved on and people don't need to be prompted when to laugh or to be told what's funny, they'll find it funny if they find it funny."

The cast apparently think this is some of the best Red Dawrf they've done and hope that it is the start of a new beginning.


Translation: not very funny. I hate it when people over think a thing and then change it for the worse. Well, Thanks to the miracle of Youtube, I just viewed the special. It was OK, but not great. I did love the nose guy bit and the way they worked BR into the Red Dwarf universe, but the story itself was weak. Too Bad, but still worth a watch. My favorite seasons began with the introduction of Starbug. Stuff like Waxworld was a riot (Winnie the Pooh refuses the blind fold).
By the way, hanging ending from the last season was left unresolved (except for a fan film...maybe the fans should have written this one!). What's up with that??


Ok - after hearing about the new RD episodes I had the same feelings i think most fans would have had - high hopes but fully expecting to be disappointed. Now - well yeah, I know it didn't hit the high notes but y'know what? I think I liked it. Best RD that Doug Naylor has done since he lost his Grant.

Now where did i leave that dicetylene?
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Jade Falcon

I must admit to being disappointed with it. There were a few laugh worthy jokes like the dig at people not being able to keep track of DVD's, but the Blade Runner references were just too much.

The Starbug Smart Car was well done though. Imagine if Corgi did a small scale replica to go with their Starbug and Red Dwarf, though I suppose its possible in a limited release when the DVD is released.


I haven't seen the last part- but can someone explain to me how Rimmer was back with Listy and Cat etc. when at the end of RDVIII, he was alone in(cant remember which reality) one side of the mirror whilst the others had left? All I can remember was that he kneed 'Death' in the groin and that was it...:think: