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New Red Dwarf....


woo hoo... i've been hoping for this.. i hope if it does happen it's better than the last one.

fingers crossed


New Red Dwarf Unfunny

I found this whilst researching the New Thunderbirds series:

If it works then there is no reason they couldn't commission new series of other classics, smart marketing at "Dave" and a world of future possibilities.... :D

The last series of RW certainly looked good but lacked one major element the earlier BBC series had plenty of,
I actually thought Back to Earth was pretty good, but I'm so used to my comedy not having a laugh track nowadays. All of my favorite programs seem to be done this way.


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not sure if this was posted anywhere

Just to confirm the new series is going ahead

The facts are:

  • The series will feature Rimmer, Lister, Cat and Kryten, once again played by Chris Barrie, Craig Charles, Danny John-Jules and Robert Llewellyn. (Y'know, unless anyone starts demanding a gold-plated dressing room or something.)
  • Each episode will be approximately 30 minutes in duration. This is a big difference from the 23 minute episodes of Back to Earth. To compensate for this fuller length and commercial break, the new episodes will be shown in a 40 minute slot, much as current Dwarf repeats are on Dave.
  • There will be six episodes in the series. The numbering of 'Series X' being both a pretty good promotional title for the channel, and technically correct since Back to Earth was a 'ninth series'.
  • Shooting will take place this coming November, December and January, with broadcast slated for September 2012. That apparent delay is born of common sense - after its complex post-production, Red Dwarf X would be ready to broadcast in the summer, but that's a time of low audiences. An autumn launch will make the very most of Dave's new commission.


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Worked on the new series. Models used extensively - almost 200 shots! Hope you enjoy!



I understand Starbug made an appearance. All those model shots, what a treat...

Can't wait to see it. :D

Very kindly shown around the studio by Bill and Andy during the making of Hitchhikers and also viewed the test models for a new series of Red Dwarf. I remember Krytons leg with the special effect dusting of icing sugar. A very special day for a very big Thunderbird fan and it was so nice to see and talk about the late great Derek Meddings and how his influence carries on.



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Hi Graham!
Nice to hear of you're kind memories. Hope you like our new Red Dwarf stuff.

All the Best, Bill. Long may Derek continue to orbit our Dreams.


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Hi Guys!

I've heard that DVD and Blu-Ray release is November. So count back from that for transmission! Yes, I have no idea either! Just hope everyone likes the end result!

Cheers, Bill.


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Hi Guys!
Check out the Dave Site every Friday for an update!
As you will see the Midget is back - can't say any more!
So, on this series, we worked on something old, something new, and something definetely blue!
Cheers, Bill.

Dave TV have started releasing a few images of the new Red Dwarf model. Looks like Bill and the team have done a great refurb. Also, a pretty hefty cut and shut job, as it's lost about two thirds of the length! Looking forward to seeing it in action.


I never particularly liked the "stretch limo" Red Dwarf. I preferred the original model. I also disliked the "remastered" first series, which should have been called "fiddled-about-with" rather than remastered.


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Hi Guys!
Hope you like the Red Dwarf model refurb. One problem, in the original shoot, was the detail. It was originally made for Film - many years ago! Now Digital is hyper critical! Damn those Red Epic cameras! Thankfully we also built some models from scratch - so we only have our selves to blame if they don't meet with your approval.
Hope You like! Till Oct.4.

Cheers, Bill.