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New series - The Pilot

Captain Sci-Fi

I liked it!

I just have this niggle about the sexuality issues.... why are they issues? I watch and enjoy Dr Who partly because it is good escapist entertainment far from the mundane and ordinary routine. Maybe it's just me but I think sexual or gender orientation is everyday, show me something I haven't seen before, the only genes I want tickled are my Sci-Fi ones :D


Funny thing is, the sexuality issues were blown out of all proportion by the media coverage. The production team just mentioned it in passing in one interview and suddenly it was all over the front pages. In the end, in the show it was not such a big deal IMO.

Face Ache

Why are they working sexuality into a kid's sci-fi show anyway? (I also wasn't keen on the Amy/Rory romance).

Why are all of the recent companions from current day UK? If you want diversity get a Victorian woman in there, or an alien. Far more interesting character opportunities out there than cheeky 2017 lesbians.

Matt Lucas was unnecessary.

Why the high turnover with Who actors? Soaps and sitcoms can keep actors for several years, but Doctor Who should replace the Tardis with a revolving door. ;)


Quickly, cheeky lesbian, into the revolving door before we are disintegrated!​

The Doctor and companion run into the revolving door.


The Doctor and companion exit the revolving door.

Doctor! What happened to your face?!

Damnit! Again?!


Captain Sci-Fi

Lol, they end up working in the USA by the trends in Hollywood.

I think there is a good story plot in the revolving door, in as one set of actors, out as another set but still in character. Work that one out Steven Moffat :lol:


1. Its no longer a kids TV show, its a mainstay of the BBC Drama department now. However if you've watched any "older kids" TV recently, sexuality (in all it multiple permutations) is a regular fixture. Its the BBC being "right on"...

2. Yep more variety (in ways other than their preferred bed partner) in assistants would be good - Victoria and Jamie, Leela (sigh) etc

3. Agree about Matt Lucas :(

4. Its always been like that, Doctor actors tend to last about 4 years, assistants 1-2 years with a few exceptions.