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New: Space Warp


Commander Ret.
Added new dropdown to the NavBar: Space Warp*. Links to related sites. :thumbup:

* Do you think there's a theme developing here?... :think: ;)


Very, that makes life increasingly easy. You should run the poll again about the new format Eagle... I'm loving it, thanks again for all the hard work.


How did they make those space warp clouds?

Hello All,
If u recall the 1999 episode Bringers of Wonder, You will see the SUPERSWIFT at an angle with those clouds it cuts through. Of course, that was seen in The Exiles when Helena and Tony traveled to Golos. My question is how did they make that special effect? Anybody know? I call it clouds/vapor but...I don't know what the technical term of what its actually called. Anyway, somebody give me an answer before COVID-19 takes us all away! thanks!