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New Star Wars kits , anyone got'em yet ?


Another day , another Revell Star Wars kit ! As I recently added the AAT to the collection , I thought I'd stick to my pattern of giving it a little out-of-box "review" before building it up as a "proper" kit . First all , it has to be said , this isn't one of the best of the range . The last two I picked up , the Nu-Class Shuttle and the Sith Infiltrator turned out to be pretty good kits and this model falls short of that standard . That's not to say it's a bad kit , because it's not , it's just pretty "average" . The model is about 2/3rds the size of the old AMT kit ( more of that later) , but lacks surface detail . In fact , this is the kit that would define the range's "toy-like" properties to it's detractors , as that's exactly what this model looks like "out of box" . A large part of that is due to the paint scheme used , screen accurate or not , it's AWFUL ! I knew as soon as I bought it that I definately would be re-painting it and my original plan was to give it the Phantom Menace-style "Desert" colour scheme , which is where the AMT kit comes into it . I dug out my AMT version to copy the scheme and this is where I was surprised to find that the newer kit is VERY different . It's almost like the Revell version is a completely different "marque" , as not only does it differ in shape , some features ( such as the forward facing guns on the lower forward "fuselage" ) are missing completely ! Despite this , the model is STILL worth getting , as it's shortcomings are nothing that can't be sorted with a little "tweaking" and I'm a fan of the general design . In fact , taking my (90% finished ) AMT version out of storage has reminded me HOW much I like the design and I'll be returning to that particular model as now I have plenty of picture reference , which wasn't as easily available when I first built it . Anyhow , here's some pics of the Revell kit , before I did any work on it .

I used styrene sheet to add some panel detail and brass wire to fabricate "grab-rails" . (I've since decided that the antenna are too thick and will replace them as soon as I get some suitable wire .) I used a dark grey automotive primer as a base coat , used Tamiya tape to mask of some areas and then added a second colour , Grey Beige ( I took a little inspiration from German WW2 armour patterns ). I'm currently weathering with pastel chalk washes and adding chips and scrapes with aluminium paint .



Having enjoyed putting together the AAT , I thought I'd do another , but this time make it a variant . I call it the AAT-SO ( Armoured Assault Tank Special Ordnance ), a heavy weapons version of the Trade Republic Tank . I moved the gunner's hatch from the turret to the forward hull and added weapons from the spares box . I still need to add a few details such as grab handles and rails , as well as a few more bits and bobs . Like the earlier AAT , I took inspiration for the colour scheme from WW2 armour and my only plans going into it was to give it a real "beat up" look . I've developed a real soft spot for this kit and might even do a couple more !

Beat up? Not half....

I read somewhere that it doesn't matter how well constructed a kit may be, a poor paint job can let the whole thing down. The "beat up" look of this tank is spot-on, and it looks just fantastic. Never a fan of the ever-expanding Star Wars universe, but I can certainly appreciate what a great variant this one is. Well done and thanks for letting us see it,

Kindest regards



I've started work on another variant Tank to add to my Trade Federation army .( The "Special Ordnance" version is still a w.i.p , but I thought it as easy to work on two as it is on one !) This time , I'm going for a "Shield Generator" or "AAT-SG" . Like on the previous tank , I've moved the pilot's hatch to the forward fuselage and in common with the first Tank , I've been inspired by WW2 German "Splinter" camo for the paint scheme . I also added some grab handles from thin wire and a few "sensor pods" . This version will be less battle damaged as I see this tank to be less in the thick of the action and therefore more "pristine" .

Here I've added a little weathering .

I've begun to put together the "shield generator" from a plastic salad spoon , part of the original tank gun and bits from the spares box .

And here's it is mocked up before I began to add paint .