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Blue Moon

Just seen this article on FAB news, apparently Sylvia and her daughter Dee :-/
Are launching a new TV series on a Crowd funding site.

I have to say having followed the link to the funding page, read the concept and watched the videos, It looks like the worst piece of Hippy-pseudo-sh**e maskerading as Sci-fi It has ever been my misfortune to come across! That said, I'm sure the sexy vampire, twilight savy kids of today will love it! :yes: Oh and they've managed to raise a little over 3K, and there target is £660,000 only 19 days to go, I'm sure they will get there :thumbup:

Blue Moon

Sorry if my comments seem a little barbed, I know this lady created one of the most iconic TV characters of the 20th century, but honestly, just take a look at the animation examples-really?????? :wtf:

Face Ache

I'd like to be enthusiastic about this, but I'm not. Silly concept and it looks like Sylvia's just putting her name on it to make a job for her daughter. Sylvia's 82 or 83 now? She doesn't need to be making TV shows.

Captain Sci-Fi

This is the most difficult kind of Science Fiction for me, I don't understand the most of it at all. How much creative energy can the bad guy take? It must be vast to absorb all the creative energies across all these different planets, what would he do with it once he has it? Why take it in the first place? Maybe he would be better to take the excitement energy from the listeners rather than the creators?

Without even the basic questions making sense the struggle of good against evil seems pretty pointless, you need to empathise with the good guys for there to be a great threat of loss and therefore a jeopardy. Compare this to the synopsis for Thunderbirds as Sylvia and Dee did and claim it is from the same creative talent...? I tried to imagine a countdown title sequence given this synopsis, the concept just isn't fearful of destruction or fatal enough, worse that happens is there is no more music. Sad that may be, we would suffer a loss certainly but not exactly a species extinction scenario is it? Everyone is capable of creating music in one form or another even if it's bad music, are they really saying that everyone loses this ability? Wouldn't really stop life from moving one would it?

I love the idea of Sylvia producing again, why not? I will still make models, draw, paint and otherwise indulge myself boiling my creative juices in whatever takes my fancy until I stop breathing I hope. I just wish it had the strongest storyline and the most exciting and interesting characters with a solid framework to hang it all from. Detail is not depth, alien races don't all end in "ons" and a musical vampire is just not enough of a threat.

Slate Mcleod

I think Blue Moon nailed it in his opening comments, then Face Ache just totally destroyed it with "Sylvia's just putting her name on it to make a job for her daughter". Have to agree 100% with you both, it's a shame they are using Gerry's legacy to produce this kind of shit.


My reaction was one of baffled incomprehension. Of course the Fanderson Facebook page had a hypergasm over it...

Blue Moon

:lol::lol: Yeah like heavy metal music and washed out crappy animation that a child could do-Just like Thunderbirds-NOT!

And what about the fund raising target-jeeeeez this looks like a 'I need a 5 star lifestyle fund' :brows:

Ham Salad

Is it just me, or does this sound like one of those musical fantasy shows like they used to make in the late '70s: you know, because 'supergroups' were big deals, and they had pretty extreme new standards that were supposed to reduce the violence in kids TV?

Ham Salad

What a stupid idea for a series...

It seems a mish-mash of the Robotech 'music inspires good/defeats bad' with some GA visual elements. I doubt I would watch it if it was streaming for free on YouTube.

The problem I see is this is a collections of ideas...not a story. What is the story here? That music is an actual physical power? That you can make a TV show that is essentially a surround for an animated music video?
Sorry, dee, but josie and the pussycats has already been done.

Also, the description of the two characters don't appear to have anything to do with the other ideas:

>.Delaney is the beautiful astro scientist who has inherited the island,

What island? Where? It's not mentioned in the earlier paragraphs.

>and operates from the observatory, where she is trying to trace her father, who has disappeared on a space mission - in search of the missing key.

Missing key to what? The earlier paragraphs discuss an alien civilization devoted to music, and imply that said music is used to oppose the bad guys somehow.

>Zarius is a man of mystery and rumoured to be the only survivor from planet earth.

Earth has been destroyed? Why and how? Does this have anything to do the the story? Delaney isn't from earth and isn't human? What?
What has this got to do with music or the musical arena described?

are they musicians? Do they find music groups to play in the area? Do they fight the bad guys somehow? Why are they there?

Compare this to the easily explainable premise to thunderbirds.

A retired astronaut trained his sons as a secret, rapid response 'fire department' that use advanced vehicles to deal with the exotic emergencies and disasters of the future.

One sentence.


Also, you're talking about macross, not robotech: robotech had no coherent point that I've ever been able to ascertain.

The point of macross was that what makes humans special is the music of our culture, which is a reflection of the human spirit and its expression...which is what the Zentradi were afraid of, because it was beyond their understanding (but which affected them , which was seen as a danger). Their culture did not have music, or personal expression.

Robotech tossed out this whole premise because its producers were apparently too dumb to understand you have to have one. Thus, the power of human music no longer was an explanation for the zentradi attack in the first place, and the whole logic falls apart.

Not to mention they threw out the lovely original music and substituted their own awful stuff, which was actually more believable as a weapon: when I hear the robotech music, I also lose the will to live.
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Blue Moon

Oo, looks like they may just fall short of their target :brows:

Can't believe people are still contributing to this! :O

Ham Salad

Arrgh, why can't you edit your messages? I just noticed three or four horrifying typos and missing punctuation in my last one...and can't go back and fix it.


What happened to the days when a person,producer or distributor believed in something so much that they stumped up the money and the series got made.The selling came after.