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New Work Bench Area!


Well after fours years I finally have a proper workbench again. We moved from our house in New England about 4 years and we were in apt limbo for awhile. So needless to say not much building took place. So now I can finally get back into it.

If you look at the bottom of my stash you can see my AB 22 inch Eagle, plus I also have the EU 23, now with a proper bench I will get to them.

The stash

In Process

Finished – Direct Links to P.B. - So No Annoying Ads.

Spray Booth and Paint Area


Uber- Chair Before, two were left in the house when we moved in.

Thanks for Looking.

Very Happy to See the Site Up and Running! :)


My grandfather once said, "Never trust a mechanic with a clean floor. They're spending too much time cleaning and not enough time working."
He also used to drink heavily but that's another story...

I love your workspace. Nice job!


Thanks guys.

I have been working on some small projects trying to get back into the swing of things. Its definitely getting broken in, and its nice to have a proper space to work again.