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News Flash!! SPACE:1999 REMAKE - Official !


On behalf of the Alpha:2012 Convention Committee, I have extreme pleasure in announcing the breaking news from ITV Studios:
Executive Producer Jace Hall and his Hollywood based production company, HDfilms will be re-imagining the series as SPACE:2099
We have entered exciting times!
More information and how this amazing news is enhancing the Alpha:2012 convention will follow shortly.
Please check regularly with Alpha:2012
or Space:1999 News Network
for all the latest bulletins!


I am not that familiar with all the fan made designs and such but the images seem to show something like this -

I wonder if those posters on their site are going to be the designs or are just concept artwork.

I won't sleep tonight....:thumbup:

Ham Salad

Actually, the poster eagle reminds me of the early concept art for the eagle I remember seeing...elongated fuel pods and all.


I am usually open to remakes and such. Most remakes of movies and series have been fine in my book as long as they stay in the spirit of the original or perhaps improve on it as with Galactica. I was a big fan of New Captain Scarlet and liked it even more than the original.

BUT, this is Space: 1999, my favorite series and already I am getting nervous about the show. Changing the music to New Captain Scarlet didn't bother me but if they don't use the main theme to 1999 then I don't think I will like that too much.

I also feel that a lot of people dislike 1999 (I went on aintitcool news and attacked all the talkbackers that ripped into it.). If this new series is really good, I may feel defensive toward the original and begin to despise the new one.

I also remember the return of Doctor Who and how I thought it's tone and general direction was not what I had hoped. I enjoy much of the new Who but felt it could be so much better if it wasn't so silly.

It doesn't sound like Space: 2099 is going to be anything like that. The website's FAQ includes some movies they think is good Sci-Fi and the elements like horror and the human experience are all good signs in my mind.

I also am fearful that this series will fall into developmental hell as did UFO and Thunderbirds.

Its interesting that when I heard about the Thunderbirds movie of a few years ago, the never off the never off the ground UFO TV series and movie as well as the CG Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet, I hoped that Gerry would have some input or connection if not position in the production team. With this show I don't feel the need to have him as involved. It would be nice of course.

Anyway, I am excited and rambling on. I hope it is good and successful. :pray:


Forum Supporter
Mmm. The poster Eagle does resemble the Kestrel regards the forward facing projections, either side of the CM.
I'm wondering if the lights beneath the end of the projections are engines?
Are there any more views of the new series Eagle anywhere?


In the other image, I love that the ship (I'm assuming its a ship) is named the Asimov...considering how much trash Asimov talked about 1999. Made me smile.

Blue Moon

1999 TO BE RE MADE :O "Well I'll be a goose fried in chicken fat" Never thought this would happen in our life time! :yes:


OOkay.. cool... :thumbup:

I hope that the remake will be good but I doen´t thing it will be as good as the originale Space 1999...

But still I´m going to look forward to see it when it´s ready.... :thumbup:


Forum Supporter
Looking around the net - looking at the people involved - and considering V, which was getting really interesting until it was cancelled, I think this new show will be far removed from the cerebral original.
Today's audiences require a fine mixture of character, conflict and plot - not just an 'us Vs them' scenario - otherwise the proposed show will be lucky if it gets green lit for a whole season.
Just look at the sheer number of good shows that have been cancelled over the years because they didn't have an explosion every ten minutes - and this goes right across the genre - not just SF shows.

We must remember, as much as we want this new show to bring back the heady days of the 70s, the memories, the happiness those days conjure up - we're not going to get 'our' 1999, but somebody else's.
As much as the fans of the original BSG wanted their show back, they were presented with something entirely different - and that can almost be said about the Star Wars prequels regards quality.

They won't be our Eagles, because a new design (remember JJ's Enterprise re-design) will need to appeal to a different audience - probably for the most part an audience that hasn't even seen a single episode of our 1999.
It different strokes for different folks - yes, perhaps 'we' the fans of the original will be appeased in some shape, way manner or form - a nod or a wink here will go a long way. But for me the nod or wink needs to come from only one man, and that's Gerry.
Has anyone read or heard his reaction?


Howard, I can agree with you on some of the things you wrote...

But still, I know the world has changed as we knew it (70´s) it would still be wrong messing with the originale...

You could still use the originale eagle / Alpha looks (which is the "brand") and then twist and tweak the story telling so it lives up to the new audians... but rember to keep the originale atmospher and spirit...

I mean in the Star Wars series they were able to pull it of...


Hi again Howard....

Regarding Gerry´s reaction...

Don´t you thing he still have the right´s for this series ??

Or maybe he has sold the right´s to them...

The thing is with this new project I´m afraid that it will be too american/Hollywood like when they have completed it... :(