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paul gray

Forum Supporter
wow, that's one hell of a build up. how long has that taken to build? you have a great eye for detail, must have cost you a small fortune in bits.
very impressive and well worth looking through all the pics. thanks for sharing with us
cheers Paul

That looks phenomenal.

If nobody told me different I could have assumed that was the studio model.

So who's the little guy on the front?
The Konami? Scratchbuilt?


Alien models

Hi guys, thanks. I'm mastering the Nostromo/Refinery right now. The Sulaco kit is already avaiable. The kit is 3 feet long. PM me if your interested.
As soon as I get one of the towers done I'll post some pics


I know we've got some champ modelers here, even the originals chime in.

That looks like a tough nut, but completely and utterly worth it if that rep you made can be kitted!

Edit: And I wouldn't put is past you!

I've DL'd your whole photobucket album.
Is there anything you CANT do?

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Chief Eagle Pilot
Hi Refinery 1!
Looks Good! I remember the only thing that was a real pain - was detailing the underside of the model in situ - as it was too much of a problem to remove it from it's support stand!
Good luck with the rest of the Build!

Cheers Bill Pearson

Blue Moon

Looks amazing Refinery 1, keep at it, I know these take a while to do. Mine's still sitting unfinished in my garage after a good year or so:O

See attached pic-sorry about the quality:thumbdown:


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Hi..Refinery 1.. :thumbup:

Good job.. great craftsmanship... :thumbup:

Wow.. it´s an awesome model... :clap: