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Original 11" and 5 1/2" Eagles?


I've searched the forum for information about the smaller Eagle models made for the show, (apologies if this subject has been discussed before), but couldn't seem to find anything - the large 44" Eagles' locations and history have been well documented, and I believe Martin Bower has the 22" Eagle (was there only one?), but whatever happened to the 11" and 5 1/2" Eagle models? I don't think I've ever seen any pictures of them aside from Brian Johnson holding them in a publicity shot, and occasionally appearing on screen, and just out of interest I'd like to know how detailed and accurate they were. Anyone have any info on them?


Wow, thanks for the info Richard. It's really cool to see those smaller models after looking at all the 44" monsters. The 11" model is well-proportioned, and seems to have a different piping configuration at the engines, but the 5 1/2" has a very crude spine (may have been repaired during filming) with less vertical and diagonal braces than the other models. Granted, it was made for long distance shots, but it almost makes the Airfix Eagle I made years ago look good!


Chief Eagle Pilot
The original 22 is owned by the chap who runs the 'Catacombs' site, Martin Willey.
Martin Bower built a 22 during the series but it was apparently only ever photographed for some publicity shots of it flying over the waste domes from the Bringers of Wonder episode, and never actually filmed for the show.