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Original 44’’ Eagle Cargo Pod for sale

Pro Mod

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Hi Guys,

My collection has three 1999 items.

1. Cargo Pod, 44’’
Original condition
Paint is all original
Small section of Perspex side rail is broken and one of the attachment brackets is missing - studio damage
One original engine and three replicas fitted

2. Small section of Alpha
Original condition
Still has some plaster attached from when it was attached to a landscape
Dimensions 110mm tall x 60mm wide
Mounted on a black Perspex base (removable) with clear cover

3. Force of Life radar
Original condition
Paint is all original
Some small kit details missing
Dimensions 175mm tall x 140mm wide x 90mm wide
Mounted on a black Perspex base (removable) with clear cover

All three were purchased from Phil Rae just after he’d bought the Alton Towers display.



  • 44inch Cargo Pod 1.jpg
    44inch Cargo Pod 1.jpg
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  • 44inch Cargo Pod 2.jpg
    44inch Cargo Pod 2.jpg
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  • 44inch Cargo Pod 3.jpg
    44inch Cargo Pod 3.jpg
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  • 44inch Cargo Pod 4.jpg
    44inch Cargo Pod 4.jpg
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  • Alpha section 1.jpg
    Alpha section 1.jpg
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  • Alpha section 2.jpg
    Alpha section 2.jpg
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  • Alpha section 3.jpg
    Alpha section 3.jpg
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  • Alpha section 4.jpg
    Alpha section 4.jpg
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  • Alpha section 5.jpg
    Alpha section 5.jpg
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  • Force of Life radar 1.jpg
    Force of Life radar 1.jpg
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  • Force of Life radar 2.jpg
    Force of Life radar 2.jpg
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Been trying to find reference to the part of Alpha piece. After looking through dozens of Blu-Ray captures I finally checked out the Catacombs. Seem that the part was created with a bunch of others for a Gerry Anderson Alien Attack commercial. I was in the Blackpool display at first. These were built by Bower for the commercial. Am I right?Quote from the Catacombs:

Moonbase models by Martin Bower, for the Alien Attack commercial made by Gerry Anderson. The commercial was shown in UK cinemas in 1977, preceding a new science fiction film called Star Wars