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Original Captain Brown Puppet


Here is the original Captain Brown puppet i own,thought everbody on this site would like to see him.The head is original has been restored with reproduction body and uniform.

Captain Brown appeared in the first episode of "The Mysterons" television series and in flashback in the second.The puppet was then used for other characters in the series,including Major Reeves and Dr.Conrad.The puppet also appears in other supermarionation shows,as Dr.Blakemore in the "Joe 90" episode,operation McClaine,and as Harry Sloane in Double Agent.

In "The Secret Service" series,the puppet portrays serveral characters,including the spy George Grey,and with grey hair moustache,General Brompton in Hole In One.

This head is ex-lot 14, The Sylvia Anderson,Mary Turner and John Reed Collection,Phillips,September 1995.

As far as i am aware he is the only Brown out there.

"Hope you like him"

I always loved Captain Brown, such a great recurring character, I like him in Codename Europa as the expert in electronics.

Me too and it s a shame that because he exploded in the first episode he never received a character bio in the 1967 annual.It would have been interesting.When you listen to Colonel Whites gushing defence of him to the World president in "The Mysterons" it seems he was held in higher regard than Captain Black!!