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Original screen used Hawk props

Captain Sci-Fi

Here are images taken at Fanderson 2010 of both the original Hawk screen used props for builders reference.



Excellent photos!
I'm suprised you were allowed to take them.
I went to a Fanderson once, 1983 I think, and they had to UFO Interceptors there and you were forbidden to take photos for copy right reasons!:x
I also went to an exhibition of the replica Thunderbirds made by Martin Bower for the Thunderbirds comic and the same rule applied.:thumbdown:
Glad to see some good clear pics of the originals, thanks for sharing.


Forum Supporter
I must tell you some interesting news that I have been asked to pass on
I know of a professional model builder who works in the film industry & he is currently building a 66 inch eagle transporter
Once completed he wants to sell it
Is anyone interested ?
Interested parties please contact myself
I will find out if I can post some work in progress photos
So far from what I've seen it looks awesome