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Original Space Precinct gun


Chief Eagle Pilot
Hi guys,

I've got an original SP gun.
It was given to me at Pinewood Studios during the making of the show.
It is one of the ones made for stunts ect, made from hard foam rubber, but still very detailed.
I took some photos yesterday in the snow/cold, so was quick !!
If you want more, let me know...

Hope you enjoy...

Andy H.



Deputy Commander
Staff member
Hi Andy,

Sorry to keep saying it, but thanks so much for taking the time to post up stuff like this - it's always a pleasure to see original props and models! :thumbup:

Blue Moon

Very nice, I just missed out on a hero version of one of these a few years back- doh:cry: still, there's a rumour going round, that SP may get a re-boot SOON! :yes:

Glenn Allen

Nice prop , i think i ever saw a couple episodes ... so did not know the used a Beretta as the bases for the gun as you can clearly see... beretta was used a lot in SCI-FI shows and movies .....triva the sidearm used by the aliens in Battlefield Earth was a heavy disguised beretta


Chief Eagle Pilot
Hi Glenn!
Yes the beretta was used on Battlefield Earth. I designed it to fire at an angle - to give a true flame out the barrel (replica blank firers vent through the top) On Space Precinct however, the flash had to be removed in post production. For further details on the BEgun, check out 'city of glasgow college bill pearson'
All the Best, Bill.


Some of my props


Recently I came across these which was something my mam picked up yrs ago for me.

Prop's used for the chase scenes in Space Precinct. But the 2 vehicles seen in the lower pic2 and the last pic I am unsure and still attempting to source their identification

I'm going to get some close upshots of each vehicle with the lights woking :thumbup:




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Chief Eagle Pilot
Dave you once asked me if I could find some photos of the landing gear for the cruiser, well he seems to have them in his collection.

Andy H.


Chief Eagle Pilot
Yes I was thinking that, unfortunately the bit I was really interested in seeing was the front landing strut, and he only seems to have the pad on its own.
Do you recognise all the vehicles Andy?


Chief Eagle Pilot
As regards the yellow things, to be honest I cant remember, we made so many vehicles to fill up the streets and sky, they do look very Bill Pearson though.



Sorry all, been busy but I've got a 'bag of bits' which might have a front landing strut.I'll get some pics up over the weekend...hopefully :)
Andy, Were you involved in the props above, I was told you might be able to help with craft identity but you have answered my question. I have messaged Bill via his website but I havent heard anything as of yet.

Amazing bits of kit to look at close up I have to say


Chief Eagle Pilot
Well there was one large cruiser to begin with, mostly made in heavy Perspex by John Weller.
That was used in a lot of the close ups and motion contol in the first few episodes, but Steve Begg wanted a lighter big one to fly on wires, so I was asked to mould it, which I did, that involved literally geting a hack saw and cutting off the engines, bit scarey...
After it was moulded it was put back together and then continued in the series as a none flying version.
I cast up another much lighter one in thin fibre glass which was used for most of the series.
I cast up another two big ones in very very thin gel coat for blowing up versions. I even had the windscreens made of very brittle sugar glass cos I wanted it to shatter and blow out, but explosion was so big that you never see the widow breaking on screen.

Anyway, The half size cruisers.
The master was carved in wood by Steve Howarth.
Again I moulded it, and cast up about 4 of these, give or take a few spare engines and a few that were ment to be in constuction on the show.
The half size ones were really all ment to be flying ones, all had powered lights through the wires.
Which looks like one of the ones you've got there.

I have to say that all the model work was done by a big team, I was just one off em.

Andy H
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