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Outpost Gallifrey??


ANybody else use this forum, I just signed up, seems great but I cant get into the forum now, it just says


You don't have permission to access /forum/index.php on this server.
Apache/2.0.59 (Unix) Server at Port 80

anyone know what this means?


As I understand it, the site has essentially gone dead. Everything has been archived as of this August.


I contacted them before, the forum is up and running fine, its just the actual site which is gone dead i think, the reason for the forum not working is they are uploading software for the forum and should be ready in 24hrs


Outpost Gallifrey said:
A quick note for visitors to the (former) Outpost Gallifrey Doctor Who Forum...

The Forum is currently offline and will be down the rest of today, possibly into early Saturday morning. During this time, the Forum is being archived as-is, while a brand new forum space at is made available. All previous settings, user information, logins and passwords, avatars and other items are being moved to this new location, and several weeks' worth of messages and information are being kept for active conversations.

The Internet's nameservers are currently updating the location of; while this takes place, the new URL may not work for you. Instead, visit the homepage and click on the link, which will send you to the proper location in the meantime. (We expect the URL will work completely by Sunday.)

Thank you for your patience and cooperation!



ANybody else use this forum, I just signed up, seems great

Yep, I joined a few years ago. Can be an interesting forum but it gets very heated at times. VERY heated. Especially after a new episode has aired. Just a bit too over the top for me. Not as friendly and welcoming as this forum, it has to be said!:thumbup: