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Paper Thunderbird 2


Hi I'm new here and thought I would just post a few pictures of a Paper model I built of Thunderbird 2.The model was designed by Gary Pilsworth and is available as well as many other models free at, you have to be a member to access the downloads but there are many available of all subjects and we're not a bad bunch there.
Some of Gary's UFO models are here in your downloads and these and a few more including the beautiful Stingray can be found here the first pictures were me just playing silly b's the last few are of the Big G sitting on a scratch built ramp I built due to popular nagging. Hope you like them.:)


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Captain Sci-Fi

Those links are very handy, thank you.

I had no idea that you could create such complex shapes in paper, you really managed to capture the spirit of a launch and a landing, nice work mate :thumbup:


Thank you but as they say "if you like that your love this" not built by me,in fact this is way out of my league but by a legend in the paper model world UHU02's design and build of Aries 1 from 2001 A Space Odessey, features interior and retractable landing gear and really is made all from paper!
Welcome to the world of paper:)


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peter taft

Great to see the Big G you built my friend, can never get too much of that. It was Dave over on PM Dot Com that started my craving to build this one - I have been doing other builds has you know, but this TB-2 is getting my FULL attention now ;) Glad you posted the links for Gary's models and our PM DOT COM - we might get some guys to here from there, and visa versa.... it's all good, and the more hands that join together, the better and bigger we all become. This place ROCKS... i feel at home already :D


AWSOME models of Thunderbird 2, HAve you ever given thought to usins the paper model as a template to scratch build one,, either in resin or to use it to make a vac-form one, regardless, it LOOKS FANTASTIC, TOP JOB