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PE Scale


Hi all,

I know it's an old thread but as I've just worked it out, here is the scale of the PE mobile.

I thought it was in the ball park of 1/32 but a little smaller, and so it is.

Assuming the Studio Models were 1/12 scale and 20 inches long, that is 508 mm

The Product Enterprise mobile is 170 mm long.

This gives a conversion factor of 2.988 or 3

So something 3 times smaller than the studio model is 12 x 3 or 1/36 scale - not the most common scale for a diecast but not unheard of either.

For the Dinky Mobile that is 142 mm long the conversion factor is 3.577 which equates almost exactly to 1/43 scale

I want one that is 1/6th scale so it can have action men as the drivers :brows:


Just to add thinking of what the full-size would be like, it's around the length of a Ford Transit Jumbo, at 20 feet (just over 6 meters), but much wider. It would be longer than a Scorpion tank (with the overhang at the front on the mobile) but the tracks would span a similar length. A pretty imposing piece of machinery!