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PE Stingray


I've just noticed that my PE Stingray has no torpedo tube openings so it is a little difficult to deal with the Terror fish. The way the recesses are done it is a little difficult to even draw something in place. Does anyone who has one of these have any suggestions?
That bothers me too. I just checked the Supermarionation Cross-Sections book and the cut-away shows those depressions doing multiple functions. They are intakes for the MHD-coil pitch and yaw aquajet and ducts to the centrally located Drumman WASP hydrojet in addition to launch tubes for the Sting Missle. The navigation light (also missing) retracts when the missils are fireed.
I guess the two options are to add the missing navigation light somehow in the socket or add some panel lines showing it as retracted behind a hatch. Thinking is that the light is deployable if needed and if you fire teh missles it moves out of the way.
I am at a disadvantage here as i do not have any of the shows on Tape/DVD so I cannot check the Stingray in action.


I think in the end I might draw something in place. It would have to be elliptical to fit the shape. I took it apart and the walls are almost 5mm think, so I won't be drilling anything out from the inside, there's just too much metal. Best leave her be and improvise with a pen.