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Post your last Gerry Anderson related purchase!


I thought i'd make a thread where we post our last purchase connected with any of the Gerry Anderson related stuff ... just so we can go mmm, ahh, eh, lol, or even hey-i-never-knew-that-existed-where-did-you-get-it ? ;)

Today i got the Chris Bentley "Complete Book of UFO" hardback version from Amazon !
Was in Liverpool before Christmas and discovered an antique shop selling old Century 21 EPs and LPs. Came away with the original issue of the Thunderbirds Are Go soundtrack LP and the Vault of Death EP, plus a copy of one of the rarer sixties hardback novels. Fab gear !

uncle bill

Today i got the Chris Bentley "Complete Book of UFO" hardback version from Amazon !

Better have a big pot of coffee to hand as its the most boring book ever written :zzz::zzz::zzz:

Last Anderson acquisition 3 issues of TV21
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My latest "in hand" would be an AMT/Ertl Eagle 1 plastic model kit. But I've got two other purchases in the pipeline, a Product Enterprises UFO/Interceptor diecast, and a Jim Small Ultraprobe command module kit.


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My last GA related purchases would have the Robert Harrop TB5 and Mole models to complete the set, apart from the latest Fanderson merchandise releases, (which goes without saying), but there was not that much released this last quarter that I needed, only the new Zero X, (time for a plug) enamel badge and the new Shado enamel key ring.

2009 will see more GA releases thankfully.


a Product Enterprises UFO/Interceptor diecast
Oh how i wish i'd got one of those whilst they were still commercially available; they want £100 or so for them on ebay now. :no:

I like the UFO book ! :think:


Hotwheels diecast pod vehicles for the Aoshima TB2 I shall one day own, and some eagle decals for my 23"


Parts & paints to build the Dione Escape Craft, plus more Mike Reader engine bells for my 12" Fleet. Oh and not forgetting the two Nuke Kits I've just ordered :) :thumbup:


I recently purchased (don't laugh) a Captain Black fridge magnet from e bay.

just for a laugh though, i'm going through a Captain scarlet phase, i recently brought the dvd box set, and Captain Black is becoming my new hero. :clap:


I picked these up before Christmas. :)

Bandai Skydiver model kit.

AHI Moonbuggy, the bubble came off in transit. :(

V.I.P. Eagle Transporter from HLJ.



Here is my latest GA purchase courtesy of Eagle, which could equally be posted in my most expensive ebay purchase ever (I would never have risked it if I hadn't been buying from someone I know!)...

The clickable image is certainly not as classy as the one Eagle posted a while back, but it's a start. There is a shadowbox in its future so I can safely display it, but first I have to figure out an appropriate background.


Cricket, PM me.

As for my last purchase, I just received (after a long, but not unforseen wait) a Small Art Works Meta Probe. Prior to that (while I was waiting) I found an issue of Action 21 at Half Price Books for 50 cents US. Volume 1 Number 1, dated July 2088 (actually 1988 ).
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It was Alan Shubrooks book.And my next purchase will probably be Masterspys all-encompassing tome.

And i really must get around to searching out the Takara Thunderbird 2.I bought Thunderbird 4 at the time,and spent £250 on the PE FAB 1 so God knows what i was thinking!
Does the Derek Meddings book count as I got it for myself at Christmas
Before that was the Harrop TB4 and Hood figure

GA stuff seems to be sparse this year - last year I got the radio controlled
TB2 FAB1 and TB4 from Debenhams but nothing like it this year:cry: