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'Preparing to Rescue Hubble'


Fingers crossed it all works. I wouldn't want to be riding a 30 year old ship into space. They need to hurry up with a new way of getting into space.


Excellent photos.

For these at hi-res and others of Atlantis' rollout today;

I wish the press would stop calling it a rescue mission. It's a servicing mission! With the exception of STS-61 the first mission to fix the mirror problem, all subsequent mission to Hubble have been pre-planned to upgrade the instruments etc. (rant mode off)

The mission specialist in #10 looks so very young!
Sign of old age when astronauts start looking so young :)



Hubble is truly a gem. It is amazing how much it has done for our understanding of the universe. I'd happily pay more taxes to keep it going forever.