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Printable landing pad


I've been looking for a picture of an empty landing pad that I can print and use as a base for my Dinky Eagles without much luck. Does anyone know where such a thing can be found? I wouldn't be a bit surprised if such an image is readily found and I've not been looking in the correct place! On a side note, are there any other ways you display your Dinky Eagles? I was wondering if there was a model kit in the appropriate scale.
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Andy P

Hi Ive seen landing pads for your Eagle Transporter.
1:72 3 different sizes start from £16.25 to £25.25 for a big 465mm dia. Hope this helps Andy.
I too am looking for a "decent" reproduction/replica (correct colour) of the landing pad base.
I looked at the coastalkit base and wasn't overly enthused with the detailing (or lack thereof).
I just don't have the ability (or tools (airbrush [yet] or time) to replicate such an object , so another shout out if anyone has such a thing!?


(something like this...)