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Dr Kane

An amusing coincidence: tonight I dined with friends and the 'Seinfeld' character 'Elaine Benes' came up in conversation (by way of 'Annoying TV Characters'). We thought that the surname wasn't consistently pronounced in the show - that we'd heard variations like BEN-ez, ben-EZ, BEN-ESSS, 'Beans' etc.

As for Sandra: ISTR her surname was only mentioned once ('Black Sun' - when the Computer-selected group leave Alpha), but I'm sure I'm mistaken!

Jim Lewis

Zienia Merton herself refers to the characters as 'Benesh' as do others involved in the production. When they have spoken at cons or on the Fanderson documentary they do too. A confusing one though if you only ever read the name and never hear those in the know actually say it.