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And so it begins. The PR features SD studio metals components, a gas blowback Thompson M1A1, Matsuo aluminium impregnated resin shrouds and a real deactivated M870 remington ( still waiting for that ) with real SPAS cage and pump handle.

Hope you like it. I have a Pelican Case for it and will be decking it out too.

More pics to follow soon....its going to weigh some:thumbup:


Andy, the Rem is bought, deactivated and awaiting verification by the Birmingham proof house. I have a spare Rem if you are interested and a man that can deactivate to latest standards. :thumbup:


One thing I noticed when re-assembling the M1A1 Thompson, was that the trigger mech was jamming. On further investigation it turned out to be the grip bolt intruding into the internal cavity too much. As the grip bolt was old and had finally lost its slot for a screw driver on installing the grip....the grip was not coming off..EVER!

So about 2 hours of grinding back the offending bolt end with a dremel type and the mech could again move freely. After a squirt of synthetic gun oil, the M1A1 was reassembled and now works like a dream.

The sound of the bolt releasing is great and very forceful. Just as it should be.

The stock stop system is rudimentary but the plates and bolts will be hid by the shroud. I had wanted a click adjust system but there is so little room to play with as it would intrude into the bolt cavity and foul it. So I went for a bolt to screw down in pre-drilled holes. I would probably never adjust the stock length anyway. If I can think of a cheap way to do a click..push/pull...stop mech at a later date I might re-visit it.

And Finally with a Matsuo shroud painted in Krylon OD....

Feel free to comment. Cheers.


Still waiting for the M870 Remington.....:no: Not impressed by the Birmingham Proof House at all :thumbdown:


OK...UPDATE. Shotgun should be with me in a week or so.

So the build can now move on and be finished. Excited again. :clap:


A fantastic build so far, bet she is a weighty beast!

The shrouds look amazing.

Are you going to cut the grenade ejection port yourself?

Thanks for the Remington info, as for one for myself it is the old story of too many projects, too little time and cash!

Look forward to more updates.


- Andy

Captain Sci-Fi

Working props are hard work but worth all the effort, it certainly looks impressive enough and so much better than the urethane clones I have seen on eBay.

I have a feeling that owning one is not for me, I really want one but I know I wouldn't keep it.

I will be following this build with great interest though, this type of work always interests me when done as well as this obviously is..! :D


Have the Rem. Am also posting this build on the Alienslegacy and RPF sites.

Will get some pics for you soon. Hope to get them here by weekend. Its not finished yet but its getting there.

Ham Salad

Since you are doing this project already, do you know what the correct color / brand paint is right for the body of the prop? I've heard it is 'brown bess' paint, but I can't find it...