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Welcome to the Puppets Thread

Hi Guys, welcome to the Puppets! thread, the hottest place for discussion on puppets




Hi. Been restoring original Anderson puppets and making replicas for many years. Am new here, so thought I`d post a few links. Currently am trying to finish a set of Spectrum Captains for Fanderson 06. Any other puppet people out there?

Replica Scarlet;
Replica troy;
Orig Lt Green
Orig Dr Fawn
Replica Gordon
Replica Scott
Replica Parker
Orig Joe and Mac

On the model side, this is an original studio SPC. 6 inches long, seen in `the Mysterons`, parked outside the Maximum Security Building.

I'm going to take a crack at making a working Scott Tracy marionette - anything that you folks here would like to pass on as to how -to advice on sculpting the head would be greatly appreciated.

I bought the new Sci-FI & Fantasy Modeller for the how - to article on building the Mike Mercury replica. While there were a few good ideas to be had, I was disappointed - as far as constructing the head was concerned, the author advised buying one on E-Bay.

FYI, when Tech TV ran Thunderbirds in the US back in 2002, the producers put a call out to anyone who owned any of the original marionettes to see if they would loan them out so they could be used to create new promo spots to advertise the series run on US screens.
I was providing reference materials for the "pop-ups" that were being produced, and asked about what the response was. As I remember, they got few responses, one being from an owner in Australia, who wanted a large fee for the use of the marionette and would consider the loan of the marionette only if he went with it. I wish that I had made a working replica then - they did a quick and dirty "bumper" for a Christmas Day marathon using the Vivid figures.


Thanks for the response everyone.

Firstly, you got me Barry. I`m Chris King, do we know each other?!?

Re making replicas, I would agree with the SF modeller article insofar as buying a cast of an original head is the way to go, via eBay or anywhere else. Its just not possible to resculpt a character, not for me anyway. Don`t get me wrong, I`ve seen some nice sculpts which would stand up if they were for an action figure or whatever. But if you`re `going for it` and putting in all the time and money necessary to do a decent puppet replica, why bother if it can never be bang on because its a resculpt. Casts of original heads of most main characters are `out there`, including Scott, and in my opinion are worth the cost/trouble.

My replica Scott is lifted from a cast kept by the late Christine Glanville. However, some errors had crept in - the ears were wrong and the mouth too slanted- and a lot of surface detail was lost. So the head was partially resculpted. It has a fitted solenoid so the lip works.

Here`s a few more pics if they help with the project, best, Chris



If you're Star Wars full sized replica characters Chris King, and 1/4 scale Superman Chris King, then we do indeed know one another. I'm Master Replicas Barry from T4 and the RPF.

I didn't know Christine Glanville had passed. I worked with her donkey's years ago on a Gerry project. Boy, did she LOVE her puppets. It was fun to chat with her about the glory days of the 60's.

I actually had a friend who knew a chap who had a lot of the original Century 21 puppet head molds. He rescued them from a skip outside the studio after it had closed down. I had a Parker head pulled from one of those original molds. The one from the TB series. Not the resculpted head for the features. It was very asymmetrical and roughly sculpted but to change anything would alter how the character looked.

Wish I still had it now.



Hi Barry. Nope we`ve never met. Wow two Chris Kings. And both model making fanboys. Can`t take credit for anything Star Wars and life size, best I could manage was an MPC R2D2 in 1978.
Incidentally, the `resculpts` for the movies are a myth. The heads were just revamped with neater hair, less bushy eyebrows etc. Chris


Hi Chris welcome,

Loved the great pics of your replica's and the originals, truly superb work Sir.
We have talked a few times in regard to replicas and paint a while back.

I had the honor to help the greatly missed Christine in 1985 at BBC London on a Xmas special using original working TB6 puppets. Besides studio scaled eagles and Anderson designs these little chaps are a real love of mine as well.

Chris we should talk regarding restoration as i own a original series used Parker, Christine helped me aquire it.

Question for anyone reading this thread, anyone out there in the U.K. doing flexable scarlet and Tb hands besides Terry.?????
Mike out
Just want to be sure that this thread stays active - am getting the materials for my Scott Tracy together and will start work soon - but I've decided if I'm going to do Scott, may as well do Virgil and Alan as well. I've been asked to bid on a contract for a studio scale 6 foot TB3, and I have Scott's pilot chair from TB1 almost finished.

I know that the puppets are 22 inches tall, and have photos of the puppets' contruction - can anyone let me know about the general dimensions of the head? Just want to be sure that I've got the proportions correct.


Hi Mike here, if anyone would be interested in some profile views?

I have an original studio used l Parker, the leather under his lip is begining to get dry so it has retracted his lip a bit. If anyone is intersted i would gladly make jpgs and post them in my photo bucket.

Just let me know ???

Heck us fans need to stick together.

cheers from Michael

P.S. i miss Christine as well so very very much. :(

paul gray

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hi guys
thought i would share with you my collection of Scarlet puppets. hope you like

cheers Paul


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I think Fawn, Ochre and Grey look quite similar to the originals.

Have you tried getting a short length of thin copper pipe and bending it so that it loops around the neck and extends out under the shoulders of the uniform to support the costume and stop the 'droop' that happens because of the heavy brass parts.