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Purple Tardis?

paul gray

Forum Supporter
the main photo does look purple ,but the smaller one on the right looks the right colour. perhaps it's the lighting
cheers Paul


Aw, you know interior sets rarely match up with exterior miniatures, so there's a bit of 'wiggle room' that's going to crop up in a replica.


The colour is still a worry. Though it looks blue from a distance its clearly a mixture of colour that won't hold up on closer inspection. I got a free Tardis with the "doctor who mag" that you can use to hold all the cards that came with it. Its a foot high, made of plastic, has the stickers on the outside, its blue even... and looks as good as that.... and as I said, it was free. It could be used to make a cracking good model, but is fine as it is. So for hundreds of pounds I'd be wanting to pay for something pretty good thanks.


Forum Supporter
The other pictures of the Tardis look to be OK so it appears to be that one particular image, I have to agree with DX.


If they were shot under fluorescent lighting which has a green tinge, the addition of magenta to correct the colour balance would make blues go mauvey.


Yeh, looks a bit brown with purple highlights to me. The color is just off in the pix.
Any idea of the size? I don't see it mentioned.

Also, Have I missed an eppy or whatnot? I don't recall having seen a "John Ambulance"
Badge before. Or was this something that would have been on an actual Call Box?


there was a police box website, but its gone. it had photos of real (none time travelling at least) ones from all over the uk
there were planty of them with the St Johns ambo sticker, and it featured in the Dr who movies starring peter cushing in the role. the window frames were white as well on this version.


It looks nice. But like the Seaview, theres a kit available that I think I'd rather over the collectable. I know with the Seaview I'd rather buy a 39" kit for $100-150 against an IR Seaview for 6+ times that! Just have to find the time to build it and somehwere to display it as well.

I don't know how big the Airfix Tardis is going to be but gee, it comes with light and sound effects and I can't see it being too difficult a build! IR have to get their collectables right, right down to the last rivet if they really want to attract the discernable collector especially when there are other choices about!



this is my finished one.
the light is not quite canon, but it was sitting around my junk drawer and fits well
the windows are shop bought from a railway hobby shop the rest is balsa and bits. the bubble glass is the plastic you sometimes find in the tray that holds choc biscuits etc.