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quatermass spaceship


hi all, after watching the classic quatermass and the pit (5 million years to earth for our cousins across the pond ) i began to wonder what happened to the spacecraft prop?,
i have been an avid sci fi modeller for a long time (too many years to mention) and after all these years with all the reference material i have collected ,the amount of information on the spacecraft prop has been very thin on the ground.
for some reason the prop has become very elusive!
perhaps someone here has some info or behind the scenes piccies of the beast in question?

another thing i noticed which will probably turn out to be common knowledge
was the model being used as a representation of quatermasses on screen rocket project is a modified thunderbird 1 model!


Slate Mcleod

Totally agree with you, I remember being fascinated with that prop as a kid but little or no information seems to exist regarding it. I am assuming you mean the 1967 petrol blue Hammer movie version and not the 58/59 b&w version ?

EDIT : Just re-read and seen the TB1 comment, so yes obviously the movie version with Andrew Keir.
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I'm always curious to know what happened to certain film props so I'll be interested if anyone has an answer. On one of an old Dalekmania calendar there was a picture of Peter Cushing etc on the Shepperton back lot and in the background was the sphere from 'First men in the Moon' a little battered but none the less in good condition.
Going back to the 1968 Quatermass & the Pit that was one scary film, I first saw it in the 70's on a late night showing on TV and it petrified me as I was a sensitive soul back then.

Slate Mcleod

I watched it again last night after being reminded by these posts. The cleaned up version is so good in quality it's like it was filmed only yesterday ! An ageless classic by all accounts.


sorry forgot to mention it was the blue prop from the 67 film, the end credits say the famed japanese anime studio Seven arts were involved (assuming they are the same studios that produced marine boy) perhaps they had a say in the fate or even the design of the prop?.

as we speak i am working on a maquette derived from all the screen captures and images available but quite a lot the process involves some extrapolation and the extensive use of the mk1 eyeball, lots of trial and error at the moment.

glad to see some interest in the film and its props quite often it is overlooked and we rarely see it on the telly,...................................................... typically it was shown on skys horror channel a few nights ago and i missed the opportunity to record it .........


interesting, i thought it was only seven arts involved with marine boy , i havent seen the others though.
up until last year i hadnt seen marine boy since the 70s, youtube is a wonderfull theres a topic all by itself



An original TV Martian at the human/plant hybrid plant [a glove covered in twigs] from the TV series exist - they were owned by Nigel Kneale... now with his children I assume. The oldest UK TV props to survive? I assume so.

As for the space ships - no idea. The TV version is very cool.


I watched it again last night after being reminded by these posts. The cleaned up version is so good in quality it's like it was filmed only yesterday ! An ageless classic by all accounts.
Great film. And of course there's the UFO link with Grant Taylor, and, if you're a B7 fan, Gareth Thomas.


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The role in Quatermass was a very "miner" one for Gareth!! :lol::lol::lol:


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not quite sure how to do this but here goes, a couple of images of my work in progress, this is the second attempt at the ship .
obviously its far from finished but as you all know the shape is a bit of a bugger and i have to keep adding and removing material to reconcile the shape to my reference pics.
will add more images the nearer i get to something a bit more refined


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Spaceship looks great. This film really scared me the first time and I think its still scary.
Your ship looks fantastic I'll look forward to the finished photos.


thanks guys, the problem with the ship is the shortage of images from different angles.
lots of eyeballing to obtain the shape (my photos make it look bloated for some reason) and plenty of screencaps .
when i am happy with the final shape i will have to take a silicone mould anyway to cast myself one as the ship in the pics is only perspex and bodyfiller. i will post some more pics over the weekend as i progress


there does seem to be scallops on the underside as you rightly say, i hope my interpretation of my screencaps and available pics do them justice.
still a work in progress as you can see , must apologise for the poor picture quality i will endeavour to correct that particular issue as i go along

many thanks for the pics portland182


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I love this movie. So scary. So thought provoking - great sci-fi. I love this ship too - totally unlike anything in the 1960s - very out-of-this-world. (V-weapon indeed...). Thanks for doing the research on this thing and making a model of the whole craft. I can't wait to see the finished model.