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quatermass spaceship


Your build is looking great!

I saw the movie late at night about 35 years ago, and I have thought about it a few times since, but couldn't remember the name. Thanks so much for this reminder - I'll watch it tonight!


Any progress on this? It's a striking craft and I'm amazed it's not really been tackled before in kit form (not to my knowledge anyway?)

I'm a CGI animator so I might have a crack at a virtual version - not to take away from Martinacm's build in the slightest - but to aid in the settling of form and dimension.

If I do, it'll be in a separate thread. I'm off to watch the film again and see if I can grab any more decent screenshots myself.
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Oddly enough I think you can see it best when they have it glowing- sets it apart from the atmospheric shadows.
I don't think we ever saw an aft view, it would be fun to come up with a totally alien drive system instead of any sort of recognizable tubes/vents...


hi folks , been just a tad unwell for a bit so progress has been minimal but i have made some headway.
the thing has had its first coat of primer and is drying as i type this.
as richard baker rightly says we were not privvy to an aft view of the ship but if you slow the film down and do some image captures quite a lot of the rear is seen albeit from an angle.
will post some images this week and will add my "blueprints" as well to see if mine and skiffys versions are close to something accurate to the prop


grim reaper

hello all, sorry about the delay,had a bit of an issue and i wont go into details but suffice to say things got a bit up close and personal ...nuff said.
things are going at a bit of a slower pace at the moment but here as promised are some shots of the thing ,albeit in the wrong colour


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Quatermass ship

That is really outstanding!

The Quatermass ship has always ben one of my favourite designs - If you decide to produce castings I'm definitely in for one!

Watching developments with extreme interest... :)



Excellent work Martinacm - you've definitely captured the beast. That fleck paint job and the soft-focus pics looks suitably otherworldly too. Bravo!

Slate Mcleod

OMG colour looks pretty much great to me if you have seen the HD version. That has turned out perfect despite the lack of reference pics. Amazing job, thanks for sharing Martin !!! Love it !!!!
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I agree with everyone above, a superb job.
The Pit is one of my favourite films and this is an amazing replica of the ship, I can almost hear the sound effects now!!!


wow!....thanks for the kind words everyone.....still a work in progress though,
given it a bit of a flat down this morning ready for its final paint,
dalroi my moulding experience is very limited, if i was more confident in the techniques i would cast a couple , perhaps at a later date.
more pics to follow and i will upload my drawings as soon as .
thanks again


Every time I see the film, it gives me the creeps. Great job on the model! I can see that Martian's energy form looming over night time London right now!